SPAIN: Barcelona~ Paella and Market breakkie

Stay: Hotel Inglaterra

Eat @ Xiringuito Escriba
Ronda Litoral 42
93 221 0729

Escriba is one of the “must go” places for me, firstly because my foodie friend told me that their cakes are fabulous, and secondly Lonely Planet told me that they have awesome paella.  So, to kill two birds in one stone, I go to Xiringuito Escriba, their little seaside restaurant serving paella and yummie cakes.

Always a little bit “adventurous” with my food, I ordered Black Rice (19Euro), which is just rice cooked with squid ink.

The paella is SOOO yummie.  Simple but elegant, with pipis, cuttlefish and snowpeas scattered sparsely on the rice.  It was really flavorsome and garlicky, of course the negative side is that it made my lips and teeth horribly black.  Thank god hubby has seen me embarrass myself so many times that he kinda wasn’t too surprised.

Hubby ordered Sea and Mountain (19 Euros),  which is a combination of pipis, lobster pieces, quail, chicken and chorizo.

I would have thought that with the seafood and meat it would mean big flavours, but it was a bit bland compared to mine.  It has a very very subtle seafood flavour, but nothing jumps out at you.  UNTIL.  Until you add a dollop of the garlicky aioli that was placed on the table, that is when the flavours really burst through and take the dish to another level.

Dessert time!  Hubby had a beautiful chocolate and berry cake (7.5 Euro).  I didn’t actually get to taste any because hubby ate most of it and all I could get out of him while he was stuffing his face was that it was fantastic! 😦

My chocolate tart (also 7.5 Euro) was equally amazing, it was really too pretty to eat, but hey, someone’s gotta do the job (and it won’t be my hubby who began eyeing on my dessert)!

Overall, it was a great food experience.  The staff is a little bit rude and has misinformed us about the portion size.  They told us that the paella would be a small plateful and so we ordered two- it was enough for 3-4 people!  While we were happy to try different paella and finished everything we were so full that we were really really sick for the rest of the evening! 8/10

Eat @ La Boqueria (Kiosko Universal)
One early morning we went to La Boqueria Market to check out the scene.  There are so many varieties of fish, vegies, jamon, meats that it’s making my mouth water, so we went to Kiosko Universal where there are several old men perched on top of the bar stool, sipping wine and eating grilled fish- at like, 9am in the morning.

We were hungry but not THAT hungry, so we had a bread roll with Spanish jamon (Bocadillo) and a tortilla with tomato rubbed bread.

It’s not too bad for what we think it’s a touristy places, the bread was crusty and the jamon has a lovely salty flavour.  The tortilla is a little bit oily but it’s still quite nice.

I would definitely love to try more stalls inside La Boqueria.  Oh well next time!