SPAIN: Barcelona- Land of Seafood and drunken lunch specials

Stay: Hotel Inglaterra

Eat @ Can Mano
20 Carrer Del Baluard
93 319 30 82

This place is a truly truly special place, not only is it a local rowdy seafood eatery near Barceloneta beach, but it’s also because two beautiful friends of whom I’ve not seen for 18 yrs took me there.   I am so glad that they did, because this is where I’ve eaten the best seafood in Spain.  Let the seafood feast begin.

Mmmm yummie tempura-like deep fried vegies, eggplants, potatos, tomatos etc…. this is our entree to share between 7 people but it was HUGE!

Ohhh this is so good- beautifully grilled squid, very nice and tender.                                                Just be careful of the ink sac though!  Oh my god just looking at it makes me salivate!

We also had deep fried squidettes- OK, I don’t actually whether this is the real name for it, but squidettes sounded cute 😛  These little squids are a bit like bite-sized salt and pepper squid.

They are perfectly deep fried to seal its juiciness.  YUMO!

While eating our yummie grilled fish course, the gypsy music blasted.  Apparently the gypsy comes around often to play music in return for money.  It’s

kinda atmospheric but it’s a bit loud! I love it though, to eat with the locals, to explore a place where even Lonely Planet or other English food blogs have never been, it was such an honour.  I can’t believe no one had found this little gem yet!

Highly recommended that you come here with a group of friends so you can try everything- 12.50 Euro per person including drinks 9/10

Eat @ Bilbao
Carrer del Perill 33
93 458 9624

As one of the Lonely Planet recommendations, I am not 100% sure whether it is worth going if you want really great food.  True, it has some fantastic service and a lunch special which has quite a nice deal, but I am pretty sure you can find better.

We had a lunch special, 11 Euros each.  This includes a bottle of mineral water and a huge bottle of strong, VERY strong red wine.  Noice. By the time we’ve finished that noice wine I could barely walk straight.  You have been warned.

Hubby had a baked macaroni, which is quite nice, with a good balance of crunchy and soft bits, whereas I ordered a soup of the day which is just a plain macaroni chicken soup with not-to-al-dente macaroni.  Sad.

With us not speaking much Espanol and them not speaking much Ingles the friendly waiter brought out dishes for us to point and select.  There’s a selection of pork, fish and chicken.

Hubby chose the pork, not because he loves pork, but because there is chips that comes with it!

Sadly the chips are really soggy- har har har!  Then again the pork is flavorsome and quite tender, and the bacon in between the pork made Hubby swoon.  LOL

I thought I’d be healthy and have some fish- but there’s 2 HUGE pieces of fish with a mayo and capsicum dip- out goes my “healthy diet”!  Oh well fish oil is good for you and it is perfectly cooked, so of course I have to eat it all.  It’s not as fresh as I would have liked it to be, but with a little bit of mayo, it’s not bad at all!

The best bit is actually the dessert- a bowl of juicy sweet strawberries drowned in red wine.  Mmmmmmm… yumminess.

If you don’t mind having less yummie food to experience true hospitality, then this is definitely the place for you!