SPAIN: Penedes- Tales of beautiful winery & yummy food & beautiful people

Stay @ Cal Ruget BioHotel
Tour with Spanish Trails Adventure

When I was planning my Europe trip, I accidentally stumbled upon an article in Gourmet Traveller magazine on Spain’s wine region.  After I read this article, I knew I had to go.  So there you are- my food focus winery tours on one of the two wine regions we visited.  Penedes.  Enjoy.

Eat @ Montau de Sadurni Winery
Masia Can Sadurni, Begues
34 936 392 112

After tasting 5 generous serves of reds, whites and cavas, lunch is served in a beautiful dining room with a gorgeous painting of a family tree.  The matriarch of the family started chatting with us- apparently she’s the “it” girl in her time, there was a lot of pictures with celebrities on the mantelpiece!

We had our very first experience of Catalan’s tomato rubbed bread.  It was so much fun!  You peel the garlic, rub it on the bread, then cut the tomatoes in half and rub that onto the bread also.  The drizzle LOTS of olive on the bread, and voila!  It’s done!

We also had really rustic food:  a plethora of cheeses, cured meats jamon and chorizos, tortillas, tomato & mozzarella salads and more wine- a lot more wine!

After filling my tummy with yummy food, it’s dessert time!  Fresh nuts and dried fruits such as figs and grapes were presented to us.  I’ve never tasted such fresh hazelnuts and almonds- I can never go back to the nuts in Australia again! 8/10 (Price included in the tour)

Cal Ruget BioHotel
08735 Vilobi del Penedes
34 93 897 9342

We stayed the night at Cal Ruget BioHotel which can include full or half board.  We chose the half board (including breakfast and dinner) and for an extra 34 Euro for half board (not including drinks) we had an absolute feast!  When we arrived, we were greeted by our beautiful hostess Veronica with a huge umbrella to shield us from the drizzle that has started.  We toured our huge accommodation, which has beautiful touches of cute momentos and then the feast started- TAPAS and CAVA (Spanish sparkling wine) first up!

Biohotel obviously meant that we had organic food all the way- cheese, chips, almonds and olives, most of these food comes from within 100kms radius, and even the olives and almonds came from their own bio-garden!

Feeling pretty full already, we went out for a walk with the host Florian and his two Beagles.

When we came back, it’s almost time for dinner!  Our first course was a beautiful organic vegie stack, from their vegie garden.  Perfectly cooked zucchini, eggplant, tomato stacked on a bed of house-made tomato sauce, with a creamy melted mozzarella on top.

Next course is fish with coriander and cumin marinade.  The fish was just fantastic- so flavoursome and fresh.

There are also some sauteed fennel underneath- I love fennel!  I wish I can cook like that!

We are getting full by this time, but the next dish arrived and we simply can’t resist.  It’s duck!  Huh? With Smoked cheese sauce?  Hrm… what would THAT taste like?  Heaven, is what it taste like!  Slightly smokey and rich, it goes perfectly with the tender duck pieces and thinly sliced potatoes.  Just. Absolutely. Perfect.

Dessert time!  Oh my god I don’t think I can have any more wine and food!  *Homer voice* Or can I?

Tantalising mascarpone with organic strawberries and Veronica’s homemade marmalade and some sort of Spanish biscotti.  The mascarpone is quite rich but the strawberries and marmalade really cuts through the heaviness.  The biscotti thing is cinnamony& citrusy, I really wish I could have some more but I am just too full!!

When we got up to our rooms, there are some beautiful strawberries and more cava to celebrate our honeymoon.  We were so touched by the gesture.

More pictures of next morning- an awesome brekkie awaiting the two of us.  Of course their doggies wanted a share also!  Awww those puppy eyes!!  10/10