Czech Republic: Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov
Stay @ Na Louzi Hostel Lodge

Eat@ Na Louzi Hostel Cafe

Kajovska 66, 38101 Český Krumlov
+420 380 711 280

Cesky Krumlov holds a special place in my heart.  It’s in the brink of tourist taking over, but for now, if you go to the right places, it still maintains the old town charm with a fabulous castle.

Our foodie journey actually started at home- our temporary home that is, the Na Louzi Hostel Cafe where we are staying.  Na Louzi Hostel is a charming creaky old place which is about a minute walk from the small town centre, it serves a filling brekkie of boiled eggs, ham, a bit of vegies and a lot of cheese every morning.

The Czechs, like many Central Europe countries, like their schnitzel, cheese, meat, potato and beer.  In fact, beer is cheaper than mineral water and soft drinks in this part of the world.  You’ll also be lucky to find a bit of vegie in your meal, although that is slowly but surely changing.

I had a very nourishing soup of the day, which is a vegetable soup.  Not much vegies in it, although it does taste a bit like chicken and corn soup back at home without the bits of chicken.

I felt like something a bit healthy, so I ordered the healthiest thing on the menu- potato omlette Bramborak.  Well, it does come with a bit of vegies on the side!

The potato omlette was more like a potato pancake, it was nicely cooked and had a chewie texture. Yummie… I was a bit addicted to it and wish I could fit more in.

Hubby had deep fried cheese, yep that’s right, yummie, rich, deep fried cheeesssseeeee.  In other parts of Czech they also have deep fried Camembert, and it’s 100 times richer.  YIKES!!  This is Hubby’s first taste of THE deep fried cheese, and in the next few nights he’s been gobbling this in almost every chance he got.

Eat @ U Dwau Maryi (2 Marys)
Parkán No. 104, 381 01 Èeský Krumlov
+420 380 717 228

After a tiring day walking around town and up and down the castle towers, the best thing to do is to sit by the river, and have some delicious, hot alcoholic beverage.

There are plenty of  hot alcohol to choose from, like grog, which apparently is fantastic for cold.  It’s served with a slice of lemon and extra strong alcohol, to kill all the germs.  Then there are a selection of alcoholic herbal teas, most of which are extremely strong and goes straight to your head when you drink with an empty stomach.

We chilled out for a bit, enjoying the beautiful view.  It does get a bit cold in here in April, but they also give you blankets to keep you warm.

The sun was setting and the aroma of cooked meats are getting more and more enticing so we went in and got some yummie Czech food.  We had the Old Time Bohemian Feast, which is served in a big plate where everyone digs in.

This huge plate consists of those yummie potato cakes again, a choice of meat such as rabbit, chicken etc.  There’s also potato dumplings, thick pieces of ham and salads.  This is shared between 6 people, which doesn’t look much, but it was so filling!  This place is highly recommended for some traditional Bohemian food and great atmosphere.

Drink @ Horror Bar
Nebeské pastviny,Másna Ul., Český Krumlov
775 234215

Horror Bar!  For a little piece of Halloween all year around, head down to the Horror Bar and get totally freaked out by real human skeletons hanging on the ceiling of this creepy place.

Human skeletons ain’t got nothin’ on you?  Then try the Cesky Krumlov’s specialty: worm shot.

Oh yeah, you heard right- a worm shot!  If you have a look at the bottle you can see that there’s about twenty worms in that bottle, resting in the bottom of the bottle.  Each shot contains a worm.  Scull it if you dare!

Eat @ Laibon
Parkán 105, Ceský Krumlov

Vegetarian?  Fear not!  Although Czech Republic is a meat cheese and not much veg country, in Cesky Krumlov there’s a place where vegies lovers, vegetarians and even vegan friendly: Laibon.

I wouldn’t say you get the best vego food in here, but it is an option.  I had the mixed plate, it’s honestly one big plate of different types of vegies: tempeh, tofu, salad, cauliflower stew all piled up together, all flavours got mixed up.  Mmmmm.

Hubby is a meat lover so he’s definitely not impressed.  He took the most unhealthy option of pasta with cheese sauce.  He said it was OK, but it’s certainly not his favourite!

Yummy snack @ Cesky

This is the best hangover cure ever- Trdelník.  Mmmmm I am totally addicted to this.  Crunchy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside it is one of the yummiest sweets I’ve ever eaten.  Okay, I must admit this is not really the authentic version, I chose nutella cos I just love love love nutella and was craving for it.  But the normal, traditional trdelnik, it’s made with walnut or almonds.

You can actually buy this in a lot of Czech Republic and Slovakia marketplaces but make sure you buy the freshly made ones, it’s the best.