ITALY: Rome~ Modern Italian Cuisine

Stay: Radisson Blu es. Hotel

Eat @ Radisson Blu
Via Filippo Turati 171, Rome
39 06 444 841

The city of Rome, especially near Stazione Termini, is full of tourist traps.  We have tried numerous restaurants around there and was sadly disappointed, so one night, we decided to stay in and called room service.  What a great idea- it was one of the best food I’ve eaten in Rome.

Pesto rigatoni- what a perfect, simple dish.  Cooked beautifully to al dente, dotted with bits of milky mozzarella, it’s one yummy entree.

Hubby’s prawn and asparagus risotto can’t be faulted either.  He finished every morsel of it without leaving me any!  So sad 😦

Hubby also tried their veal.  It was alright.  I think by the time the dish was transported to us and by the time

he ate it it was a bit cold already.  It doesn’t taste that bad though.

Overall, although it was one fantastic meal, it was really quite expensive.  But if you wanted a cosy night in, I would highly recommended this!

Eat @ Gusto
Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 9
39 06 3226 273

If you want to try some contemporary Italian dishes with modern deco, don’t miss ‘Gusto.  At lunchtime, you can try six small dishes for 10 Euros, including a bottle of those expensive mineral water.  The 2 of us tried about 9 different dishes, some was recommended to be eaten cold, some where they heated up for you once you selected your dish.  Whilst I wasn’t very impressed that they heat food up in a microwave, it doesn’t taste that bad.

Here are a selection of dishes we tried:-

Cold Spinach soup with sweet chilli toast- the slightly bitter taste of spinach is balanced out by the sweet chilli, it’s make it quite different.

Ricotta Cannelloni- delicious, just the right size to tantalize your tastebuds.

Sweet and sour chicken- I thought it is a weird dish to have here but it doesn’t taste too bad.  The chicken is really tender but Hubby didn’t rate it.

The two beef dishes are two of the least liked dish out of all the dishes we tried.

Raw beef wrapped in asparagus- the beef is raw and tough and had poppy seeds on top of it.  Weird.

The beef and capsicum stir fry- it tasted nice but once again the beef is just way too tough. 😦

Spatchcock thigh- mmmm this is the yummiest out of all the food.  Really nicely cooked and salted.  Hubby and I both had one of those and it’s fantastic.  YUM.

Mozzarella and cous cous salad- The creaminess of the mozzarella went

well with the tomatoey cous cous salad.

Grilled eggplant-I love eggplant but really it’s not the best one I’ve tasted.  Mmm maybe I should have asked them to heat it up for me…

Dessert- Tiramisu!!  It was really yummie- I wish there were more coffee sponge fingers and a little bit less mascarpone though!

Service is fantastic here and I will definitely come back again if I had a chance- 7/10