Italy: Rome~ The best Gelato and Hearty Home Cooked meal

Stay: Radisson Blu es. Hotel

Eat @ San Crispino
Via Panetteria,42, near the Trevi Fountain
39 06 6793924

THIS PLACE, has the BEST gelato in Rome.  Hrm… I know what you are thinking.  Where are the gelato?   It’s actually hiding underneath those silver covers!   Despite of the clinical appearance, there are no preservatives, no chemical emulsifiers and they are seriously good gelato!  Nom nom nom!

Here are just a few of the yummy flavours:

Chocolate and grapefruit; pear and lemon; pistachio, apple and grapefruit.

For 4 Euro (2 flavours) a pop it’s very expensive, but it’s well worth every cent.  The flavours are very very intense, the pistachio flavoured icecream tasted like pure mashed pistachios; the lemon sourced from Amalfi and Procida, made with its juice and lemon rind; their grapefruit- their grapefruit is the best- I’ve eaten it twice and wished that I can buy more!  And yes, if anyone asked I will admit, I went to visit the Trevi Fountain just because I wanted to find this place, and I made an excuse to revisit the Trevi Fountain just to go back there again.  Sadly I’ve run out of excuses to go the third time so I couldn’t go… 😦  Sad. 9/10

Eat @ Enoteca Corsi
via Del Gesu 88
39 06 6790821

Whilst hubby was in his sick bed throughout our Rome leg of the journey, we have been eating some really awful food because we were staying so close to Station Termini.  One day, I’ve had enough- so yes, I did a naughty thing- I left hubby on his man-flu bed and flinted around Rome by myself- in search for yummie food.

This is where the hearty home cooked meals lies- in a lane of a lane.  Feeling a bit awkward eating by myself, but the lovely people in there put me in a discreet corner table so I can eat in peace but also observe the patrons of the cafe.  First course is a penne with a simple tomato sauce and a little bit of chilli- it was so simple but so yummy.  It was also a huge serving but hey, gotta keep going and try everything!

Stuffed eggplant with potatoes!  OMG- it was sooooooooooooo yummie!  At the risk of burning my tongue, I shove mouthful after mouthful in my mouth- it was just so fantastic!  I would love to make that dish myself- it’s so rustic and yet so delicious.

As much as I tried to finish the whole dish, I am so stuffed by then I just can’t eat anymore.  So sadly I didn’t actually eat any dessert… I couldn’t eat much dinner after this either, so I guess it’s pretty value for moolah!

Two dishes for approx 20Euro, including wine and coffee.  8/10