ENGLAND: London~ Lunch Specials & Early Supper Dining

Stay (or don’t)@ H10 London Waterloo

Eat @ Wild Honey
12 George St, London
020 7758 9160

We are in the search for awesome food in our trip in London, but we have limited budget after spending so much in the other countries.  So what to do but to find lunch specials and pre-theatre dining to satisfy our tummy AND our wallets 🙂

We found this gorgeous and stylish little place near Oxford Circus called Wild Honey.  For 18.95 pounds you get a 3-course lunch set- nom nom nom!

Our entree is a salad of Organic Kingfish and ratte potato.  The Kingfish is lightly cooked and it’s so so fresh, the slightly bitter micro sprouts and salads really compliments the fish.  The dish is simply dressed and elegant- we couldn’t wait to try our next course!

Hubby chose the Risotto of  Cornish Pollock, thinking that it would be a light meal.  How wrong he was!
Once again the fish is perfectly cooked, the risotto is quite heavy, it has a bit of cream on it but the cream really enhances the flavour. Otherwise the risotto is cooked with what seems like a Thai basil and the licorce flavour is quite strong without the cream.

My ravoli of organic chicken is quite light, the chicken is quite flavoursome and not too tough, but the Swiss chard is a bit overcooked so it’s a bit tough.

I think Hubby preferred mine and I preferred his so we swapped halfway through 🙂

Hubby’s dessert, which I have selected for him (normally I am not those controlling wives but Hubby is still unwell so he can’t eat much and let me choose so I can try everything :P), is Camembert. The Camembert is wayyy stronger than the normal Aussie stuff we’re used to, and it’s a bit harder. The jam helps balance the flavours and makes it quite yummie

My “official” dessert is the Floating island, Prink Praline: truly sensational, so light and fluffy and the vanilla-bean anglaise is soooooooo yummie…. Mmmmm I can lick the bowl!

I really love this place because it’s so cosy and the service is great but non-intrusive.  I wouldn’t mind coming back here again. 7/10

Eat @ Maze
10 – 13 Grosvenor Square, London
020 7107 0000

Of course we gotta go to Maze.  Especially when  it was 28.50 pounds for a 4 course early bird dinner.  Ahem, in London they call it Early “Supper” Dining- very formal indeed.

The menu is really cool, there’s a list of savoury and sweet dishes you can choose, so if you’re a sweet tooth and you REALLY just want sweets, you can order 4 dishes of sweets!  Mmmm tempting…

We were sensible so we did order 3 savoury and 1 sweet.  The entree is a spring broad bean and nettle soup with chicken. The chicken was really tender and nicely cooked, and the soup is garlicky with just a subtle hint of mint.  Yum!

Next, we had bream with cockles, clams and sea flavoured potatoes… it was really fresh, yummy but simple. The sea flavoured potato were just seaweed with potatoes though, nothing special 😛

Pigeon with morel mushies, forest crumble (consisting of button mush, hazelnut and I think walnut) .

It was cooked on the rare side of medium rare, full of flavour, although the morel mushies by itself was a tad salty.

Hubby had rice pudding with orange icecream which tasted awesome.  It has a nice tangy creamy flavour and it’s beautiful.  I almost ate half of his dessert. 😛

My dessert was a beetroot sorbet with vanilla dust, rhubarb and basil ash meringue.

The whole thing tasted totally weird. And it’s not good weird either :p  The basil ash meringue honestly tasted like chalk.

You might ask why exactly did I choose this, but I’ve tried beetroot chocolate cake and it was yummy.  So I thought I’d tried this.  I guess this is not chocolate. :S

Petite Fours: Can anyone tell me why it’s called Petite Fours when there are only 3 things there? Or does petite four means something else?

We had (L to R): Apple & ginger jelly, chocolate praline and vanilla bean fudge.  By that time I was extremely full so I had a tiny bit of each.  Everything is wayyyyy too sweet.  I do like the vanilla bean fudge though, it has a really nice vanillay flavour.  Yum.

Overall the experience was great except my dessert and the petite fours.  I would certainly love to go there again.  8/10