Indonesia: Bali~ Uma Ubud

Stay @ Uma Ubud

Eat @ Kemiri -Uma Ubud
Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Banjar Lungsiakan, Kadewatan, Gianyar, Ubud 80571, Indonesia
(0)36 197 2448

Normally I don’t blog about places that I stay- cos really this blog is about food yeah?  Well, on this post I’ll give you a bit of both because I am so impressed with both the accommodation and the food here.
For a resort, I would say the first impression is that it’s really tiny- there is only one pool, a  small bar and one restaurant called Kemiri.  The rooms are Bungalow style, if you get an early bird/stay 4 pay 3 discount, you will probably get a basic room for approx USD$200 per night, which is not bad for a resort.  What’s huge (and this is a bit corny) is all the staff’s smiley faces- and because this resort is so tiny, they recognise you and by your third day, they would have remembered your name.

Fresh Fruit plate

Another great thing is that if you want to, there are free rice paddy tours every morning and yoga in some mornings also.  And do you know what the best thing is?  Yes!  It’s breakfast after an awesome workout!

I’ve been to lots of resorts before and it seemed a hell lot of them served buffet styled breakfast so I was expecting a kind of free for all, go stuff your faces breakfast here.  Admittedly I was a little disappointed when given a breakfast menu, and we were asked to choose a starter and a main.  Starters includes fruit salad, fruit platter, yoghurt, cornflakes and bircher museli- must say there’s nothing impressive there.  But the mains- OH THE MAINS!  This has me swooning and craving till this day.


The funny thing is we decided to skip the starter and just order two mains…and they let us! (Until the last day when a grumpy waiter-I think his name is Kita)  stopped us… but HEY we got away with it for 5 breakfast which was already way awesome!

Black Rice Pudding

Highly recommended Asian breakfast would be the black rice pudding with mango and young coconut.  Did you know that black rice is full of antioxidants so indulge while you can!  This huge bowl of black rice pudding has just the right about of sweetness, with a slight chewy texture and the mangoes and strawberries just added a hint of fruitiness to make it interesting.  I think we had this almost every day during our stay and I vowed to make this at home- hopefully this weekend!

Nasi Lemak

Other Asian breakfast includes the nasi lemak, which is like a a little buffet on a plate- you get some coconut rice, some vegies, deep fried tempeh, chicken taliwang, crispy fish and beef randeng.  I love the variety and the different flavour so I really like this dish.  The beef randeng is cooked till it’s tender, full of flavour but not too spicy.  I never liked tempeh but these deep fried ones are wayyyy awesome.  The chicken actually depends whether you are lucky though- you might get a tough piece of breast (which of course some people loved), but I have seen someone getting a drumstick and let me tell you- I wantz that drumztick!

My travelling companion also love the laksa they have on their breakfast menu, but I found the laksa too mild and too coconuty.

Egg white tortilla

If you don’t think you can stomach a huge bowl of noodles or huge plate of rice the first thing in the morning, they also have a huge selection of  Western styled breakfast, and they even come with healthy option which are lowER in fat, sugar and sodium.  On their healthy selection I’ve tried their egg white vegetable tortilla which is quite nice, I’ve also tried their omlettee and their eggs cooked in any way w/ corn cakes, mushrooms and tomato (there are also bacon and sausages but I tried to be “healthy”.

French Toast

Hubby tried their french toast, which is basically a thick slice of brioche, crispy on the outside and oh so soft on the inside.  It comes with carmelised banana, passionfruit curd and coconut.  It’s definitely one of hubby’s favourite breakfast in Uma Ubud.  He also tried the coconut pancakes w poached pineapple and stawberry salad w/ pine lime and ginger syrup.  He found the pancakes a bit too sweet for his liking but I quite like it, although I don’t like the taste of ginger.

Since we are quite happy with their breakkie, one night when we were quite lazy we decided to order their room service.  We weren’t that hungry but boy we can’t decide on what we wanted to eat so we ordered an entree, main and shared a dessert!  The room service guys thoughtfully asked whether we wanted our desserts to come later, which is very unlike most hotels who couldn’t care less if your dessert gets cold.

I have to apologise in advance because the lighting is awful in the room and we can’t wait to eat so these are taken with my iPhone…

Man the servings are huge!  Once again I ordered from the healthy choice menu and my entree is a sushi made with nuts and vegies.  It actually felt cleansing eating that after eating all the greasy, oily food in Bali.  Now don’t be fooled by the word “sushi” cos there’s no rice in this dish.  Just mashed nuts as the “rice” with vegies in the middle and wrapped in seaweed.  It was yum.

Next I had the vegie burger (not pictured here).  If you are expecting some crappy vegie patty here, this is gonna blow you out of the water.  Once again whilst it’s a burger it felt very cleasing to eat, you definitely won’t feel bloated or sick eating this.  The vegie patty is also made of nuts I think, but the burger is quite juicy and flavoursome.  Hubby won’t let me eat any of his, but from the speed of his eating, the Como burger he ordered were very very nice.  We also ordered a stir fry veg which we were quite impressed- too much sauce drowning the fresh vegies.  It’s such a pity because the baby asparagus, baby corn etc are really fresh and really doesn’t need all those sauce.

Chocolate fondant

When we are ready for dessert, we simply rang room service again and within minutes, this beautiful (sorry about the not so beautiful pic here again, but you’ve got to trust us, it’s beautiful) chocolate fondant with orange sauce appeared.  OH.My.God.  YUMGASMIC.  That’s all I can think about when I had my first bite.  I don’t like really sweet desserts and this chocolate fondant is just sweet enough, especially with the orange juice cutting through the sweetness and giving it a citrus tinge.  The orange rind also intensified the orange flavours and gave another dimension to the dish.  We were still craving for it the next night so we ordered it.  Sadly the next time it came with candied strawberries and strawberry sauce (although the menu still said orange sauce) and whilst it’s good it just wasn’t the same.

Overall staying and dining at Uma Ubud was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend everyone to visit there. 8/10