Indonesia: Bali~ Minami

Stay @ Uma Ubud

JL Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia

I pride myself as being someone who eats locally in different countries.  Case to the point:  I scoffed at hubby when he tried to find MacDonald’s  in Thailand and have since banned him from eating MacDonalds when overseas.  However in this trip in Ubud, I have to admit I failed miserably at this as I have dined 3 times at Minami, that means I ate there every second day.

I was skeptical at first, yes so trip adviser did say that it was one of the top restaurants in Ubud, but surely, Japanese in BALI can’t be that great.  Well, yes, yes it can… and it’s also very reasonably priced (well, not for local Bali prices but for the quality you get and comparing to Western country).

We did try almost everything there as one time we went nuts and just order as much as we can!  But the first time we went we ordered the set menu at AUD$30.

First came the Umeshu, Japanese plum wine steeped in honey.  What a gorgeous drink- it was slightly sweet and I loved every drop of it.  We tried to order a bottle but it was not for sale- the chef made it especially for the set meal!  DOH!

Next, a beautiful platter was presented to us with 3 small dishes.  Opening it like a little treasure chest, we discovered fugu salt which is a house specialty, which adds depth to any dish we ate; a small steamed egg custard and some small steamed organic onion.  We wanted to buy the salt too but unfortunately that’s not for sale either!

You then get a choice of Tai New-Mien or Miso Soup.  I wish my camera and photography skills are better because this picture does not do the Tai New-Mein justice!  It’s basically a chargrilled piece of fresh, succulent seabream in a simple broth that brings out the sweetness of the fish, served with shredded vegies and a little bit of somen.

My travel companion negotiated not just a miso soup but a miso soup with pork and vegies, which tasted so awesome that we had it every time we went back (we had the Tai New-Mien everytime we went back too!).  The broth is just so intensely flavoured with pork and miso and it was served with this cubes of melon that kinda taste like hairy melon but the head waiter informed us that it was a special melon from Bali.  We saw some of those hanging in their kitchen garden and I was extremely tempted to steal some home.

Next on the menu was Bento 1 (yes there are 2 Bentos in that set menu and you get both of them!):

  • Chicken balls
  • shrimp potato salad with plum sauce
  • organic vegies with sesame
  • fish rolls with herves
  • Shrimp & tuna sushi (not pictured)

The next bento:

  • Chicken teriyaki
  • Grilled fish
  • Shrimp Tempura

Oh my god can I just rave on a little bit about the shrimp tempura please?  Please note that first of all, I HATED prawns.  I haven’t had prawns for quite a few years now cos I hated the taste and the texture.

But this.  This prawn tempura is different.  The prawns are so fresh, coated with crunchy rice bubbles that seemed to crunch and pop at every bite.  The prawn’s head- oh the glorious prawn head was deep fried to a crispy goodness that you can eat as a whole, yes, eyes and head and all- and that was also one of the best bits!  I ordered this specifically the three times I visited also (see above pic as a main course).

For the mains (yes! there’s the mains too!) we had Beef Tataki.  Cooked medium rare, the beef was oh so tender.  The ponzu soy sauce and the mini salad cuts through the fattiness (though not that there was much there).

It’s dessert time!  Two cute little dishes were presented to us.  A little turtle and a little apple.

Removing the lid it revealed a dark chocolate mousse with rum raisins and a small bowl of green tea icecream.  Sooooo yumlicious!

Another dessert I tried and definitely recommend would be the Daifuku mochi balls- well the first time we tried it, it was actually a bit dry.  But I persisted and the second time I had it, it was soft and pillowy.  When you bite into it, there’s a juicy strawberry in the midde.  OMG I was in heaven.

The service was just awesome, they pretty much recognised us the second day we came.  The owner would come and greet each and everyone of her guests each time and her head staff really knows his stuff.  The atmosphere is probably more suitable for a romantic dinner more than a big group of 5 (which is what we were), with its high ceiling and down lights, it’s actually very VERY romantic site overlooking the garden.

Overall I am very VERY impressed by Minami.  Hell I would fly back to Bali just to eat here!  9/10