Indonesia: Bali~Tropical Bale

Stay @ Uma Ubud
Spa @ Bali Botanica

Tropical Bale
Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
0361 7458667 – 7489601

We visited Tropical Bale completely by accident.  We were at Botanica Day Spa for an all day treatment that included a spa lunch.  We thought ahhh great it’s just gonna be some crummy sandwiches and maybe a glass of fruit juice.  But no, they actually had a driver take us to Tropical Bale for our 3 course spa lunch.  Amazeballs.

We had a romantic table overlooking the rice fields and got to chillax for a bit before the first entree was served.

Our entree was mushroom & brie soup with sauteed prawn salad and cucumber cream timbale.  I must say the mushroom & brie soup tasted wayyyyy too milky and I was a bit worried that the milk is going to be too heavy for the rest of my day at the spa.  So my spa companion and I left most of that mushroom and brie soup alone while we tried the other bits of the entree.

I gave my spa companion my prawn as I don’t really eat it, and she said that it was extremely fresh and yummy.  I wished I had eaten it now!  Otherwise the Japanese salad under the prawn was light and refreshing and the cucumber cream timbale was also fantastic, though not too sure whether this IS the timbale as there is no pastry with it.  Nonetheless it has the refreshing cucumber and bits of mushroom in it and it is very nice.

For the mains we had a sesame crusted sea bass which is extremely fresh and tasty, served with sauteed capsicum on a bed of rice.  The rice may be a little bit too soft for other people’s liking but I like it just like that, with a bit of cardampn seeds.

We also had a dessert which was not pictured, but it was a very light sorbet to finish off.  We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and apart from that mushroom and brie soup, it was one of the better spa lunches I’ve had.  7/10