Indonesia: Bali~Nammos Beach Club

Nammos Beach Club
Karma Kandara, Ungasan, Bali, Indonesia

This looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it?  Well I am going to tell you now the enjoyment stopped right here.  I am going to warn you in advance that this is not exactly a food post.  It’s a post that warns people not to go to Nammos Beach Club, or at least, think seriously about whether you want to waste your money before going there.

If you are not a staying in Karma Kandara, you will have to pay approx AUD$20 to sit on this exclusive piece of beach.  Which looks like it’s very much worth it from the above and AUD$20 wasn’t that expensive if you can redeem $10 worth of food.   Sadly, it was the attitude of the staff which got me really, REALLY annoyed.  We walked into the entrance of Karma Kandara and immediately got stopped as if we are intruders.  “You will have to pay” the staff said.  And then he warned “We are very busy so you can’t complain when you get down there”.  WTF?

Since we travelled about 2.5 hrs from Ubud to here, and people have highly recommended it I am not going to let that little bit of rudeness deter us.  We paid up but had to wait for the next cable car because they decided that the workers bringing supplies down is much more important that paying customers.  Nonetheless the cable car ride down the very steep slope has magnificent views.

Upon arriving to the bottom, we were given welcome alcoholic drinks which was quite refreshing.

That’s the last we saw of the magnificent view.  Because, we are informed down there, we are not allowed to sit in the front 2 rows as they are reserved for hotel guests.  There are some empty seats in the 3rd and 4th row for non-hotel guests but people just put their towels there to reserve their seats.  Smart move considering the amount they had to pay.

That pretty much left us with this:-

Yes. The magnificent views of umbrellas and deck chairs.  Doesn’t help that the beach seemed to slope slightly downwards so we didn’t really get a glimpse of the ocean at all.  -_-  And the back row, which we are on, do not have any kind of shade.  Not very sun smart at all.  Surely it doesn’t cost that much to put another few umbrellas on the last row?  Of course if you wanted to pay more (oh, like, AUD$100) you can use the day bed with shade also, but who can afford another AUD$100 when the 5 of us already paid $100 all up to get down here?

After we settled down we then had our first proper look of the beach.  God, it was so tiny.  We expected miles of untouched, fine white sand but really, what we could see is about 50m of beach.  If you think that these beaches are anything like the Gold Coast, think again.  There were broken bits of coral everywhere, I don’t know how people can swim out to the ocean without getting their feet sliced open.

The food we get to redeem were pretty ordinary, with some of the menu not available to us.  Here is a sample of limp chips draped in luke warm melted cheese with bits of not very fragrant truffles and mayo on the side.

We got calamari too which was not bad.  The attendants also handed fruit around which was free so that was quite good.

Otherwise the service was slow and inattentive.  “We are very busy so you can’t complain” kept ringing in our ears.  The truth is they weren’t that busy.  There were enough staff to serve us, the restaurant and bar were not full.  The staff there were just slow, lazy and incompetent.  We had to grab our own towels from the daybeds cos the attendants decided to ignore us and it took us ages to get food ordered and for it to get here.

Bali time is no excuse.  We stayed at Uma Ubud and on their poolside bar we were served promptly in a relaxed, friendly way.  Surely the exclusive Nammos beach club can do better than that? 2/10