Chin Mee Chin Confectionary and 328 Katong Laksa

Stay @ Marina Mandarin Singapore

Eat @ Chin Mee Chin Confectionary
204 East Coast Road, Singapore

This foodie adventure takes us to East Coast Road, which is famous for their seafood.  Yet we are here for two things only: Kaya Toast and Laksa.  Apparently East Coast Rd is also famous for their Kaya Toast and Laksa, many a food blogs like Lady Iron Chef andFatbooo have blogged about it.

  For the uninitiated, Kaya Toast is a popular snack in Singapore and Malaysia that consists of a thick spread made with the artery clogging mixture eggs, coconut, sugar and pandan.  As if that’s not deadly enough, a huge slab of butter is slapped on for the added heart stopping effect.  That being said we are tourists and we don’t eat it often, so BRING IT!

Many kaya toast is made with normal square pieces of toast, and apparently here’ is the different between Chin Mee Chin and the others.  At Chin Mee Chin they use this round soft bun, lightly toasted so it’s crispy on the edges and yet soft when you bite in.

As with any super unhealthy food, this tasted super awesome- sweet, coconuty and oozing with butter.  But if you ever, ever, felt that you needed more cholesterol, you can also add an egg to your kaya toast.  Mind you this egg is not very cooked… you can say that it’s barely cooked cos when you cracked it onto the dish it’s slushes out.  But I love it.  The egg is so fresh that it doesn’t taste weird, and all you gotta do is to add a bit of pepper and some soy sauce- it really brings the sweetness of the egg out.  Then simply dip your kaya toast into the eggs and I reckon that’s the best way to eat your kaya toast.  Mmmmm….

Chin Mee Chin also sell cakes and little custard puffs, which Shoe Queen ordered, sadly though the cake was a bit dry and the puff was Okay only.  Apparently their hot milk tea is fantastic though so I would highly recommend ordering the milk tea w. your eggs and kaya toast 🙂

Other hints and tips: Come early!  We got there at about 9:30am and there was a huge queue already!  And speak Mandarin if you can: my Singaporean friend said whilst people generally speak English it’s a sign of respect and preferable to speak Mandarin in the hawker stalls and family owned shops like this!


328 Katong Laksa
216 East Coast Road, Singapore (right next to Chin Mee Chin)

Now if you are still hungry after that awesome Kaya Toast and egg, you can alway pop by next door to have Laksa!  Us being not that hungry though decided to walk around the neighbourhood and the shopping centres before heading back over East Coast Road for lunch.

When we walked back at around 12 we wondered why there are not a lot of people eating there.  We figured maybe cos it was just wayyyyy to hot for laksa cos it WAS a really hot and sweaty morning and this shop has no air con.  LITTLE DID WE KNOW that they have an air conditioned store right next door and that side was PACKED with people.  Well now you know.  We can only console ourselves that we got an authentic Singapore experience, sweating like a pig.

Thankfully tropical countries meant that there is an abundance of young coconuts to cool us down!  YUM!  Young coconuts not only tasted yummy, but also has tons of electrolytes to quench your thirst.

Anywayz, back to the Laksa-notice the spoon?  Apparently that’s the only utensil needed for this laksa- cos they cut the noodles in bite size pieces so you can eat it with the broth.  Interesting thing looking at them making it was also that the guy pour the broth into a bowl of noodles, then drain it out, then pour the broth into the bowl of noodles again… he must have done it at least 3 times.  I wonder if it is to reheat the noodles and let the noodles absorb the flavours without making it mushy?

Many Singaporean friends told me that Laksa must have cockles- so of course I tried it.  However, the cockles tasted too fishy for me and I thought it’s spoilt the laksa. (Sorry Singaporeans! >.<)  I also thought that the soup was less spicy and prawny than expected, so I was a little bit disappointed.  It was tasty nonetheless but I would have loved to try a few places to compare all different types of Laksa in Singapore.