Nom Nom Nom @ Kyneton!

My colleague PS lived in Kyneton on the weekends and he told me how Kyneton is one of those up and coming foodie places, so what can I say? We MUST venture out there! PS told me to try Annie Smithers and Mr Carsisi- but alas we were just detouring to Kyneton on our way to Heathcote, so we could only try one and we decided that we’d go to Annie Smithers. Funnily enough, the very next week, our friend Dr Ben suggested that we go to Mr Carsisi, which gave us a great opportunity to try both! YAY!

First up, Annie Smithers!

Annie Smithers
72 Piper St, Kyneton, VIC, Australia
(03) 5422 2039
When we first stepped into Annie Smithers we were greeted warmly and was given this big comfy booth to sit in.  I love the decor immediately the high ceilings, very simplistic but beautifully made tables and chairs, the cute rocking dog (?) to add some personality.  It felt homely yet sophisticated all at once.

Okies time for food porn ^^.  I ordered a sautéed locally foraged pine mushrooms, hazelnut, chapons,poached egg $19.50.  It actually looked more like a breakfast dish than an entrée!  Not that it matters, I am always up for a bit of egg and I love mushroom and this is so fresh and tasty.  The chapons (or in layman’s term, garlicky croutons) adds a nice crunch to the dish, however, I found that there are too much croutons and they are just way to big.  I think a sprinkling of tinier chapons or garlicky breadcrumbs would have been better.  What I do find interesting is the hazelnut puree that’s on the base of the dish- it adds another dimension of earthiness to the dish and makes the dish unique.  YUM.

Hubby ordered the smoked eel croquettes, parsley, garlic puree, apple, fennel , horseradish $19.50.  I only get to have a teeny tiny bit but from what little bit I ate I thought it was quite yummy.  The apple and fennel will certainly cut the fattiness and saltiness from the croquette.  I wish I could have more 😛

While we are waiting for our mains, we were told that Annie Smithers have just been reviewed by The Australian and there would be a photographer coming in to take some pics.  Apparently Good Food Guide also reviewed it the very same week- which was quite a lot of pressure for them obviously!

I ordered the basil gnocchi parisienne, roasted garden beetroot, spinach and baby mozzarella for mains $36. OMG this is so yummmm I never like gooey lumpy gnocchi but each and  every one of the gnocchi were crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. YUM!  Not to mention the cheesy goodness that’s stuck to the spinach and gnocchi and the sweet fresh beetroot gave an illusion this dish is yummy AND healthy at the same time.  LOL!

Hubby ordered the Chargrilled eye fillet $36, medium rare, w pomme dauphine, rocket and bearnaise sauce.  Oh how I wanted to try that little puff of pomme Dauphine!  It looks so so so good…. but alas I can see the way that hubby hold his steak knife that there is no way I can get my hands on that gorgeous puffy without losing my hand 😦  The eye fillet though, although hubby assured me that it was fine, was medium and not medium rare.  Hubby told me that he ordered it medium rare expecting it to be medium, but seriously I don’t think this is acceptable and if it was me I would have returned it myself.

Dessert was Tarte Tartin w vanilla calvados ice cream for me and Chocolate brownie spiced caramel cream and milk sorbet for hubby.  The tarte tartin doesn’t look like the ones I have had before, and I think I would prefer the more traditional ones where the surface of the apple is nicely caramelised.  The taste of this one is great also, but it just wasn’t the same and it wasn’t hot enough.  Hubby had no complains about his chocolate brownie and devoured it in 5 seconds!

All in all, I find the service relaxed and friendly but still efficient, the food was sometimes a bit off the mark but generally good.  I will give them 8/10 🙂

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Mr Carsisi
370 Piper St, Kyneton, VIC, Australia
03 5422 3769

  So this weekend we were off to lunch at Mr Carsisi, which glancing at the menu seemed to have a lot of Turkish influence but if you are expecting to sit in those kitsch colourful cushions, tents and smoking Turkish water pipes then you will be disappointed.  Like Annie Smithers, Mr Carsisi is situated in a warehouse with high ceilings and simplistic furniture.

We decided to share a few of the mezzo plates and then order a main each.  The mezzo arrived very quickly- first of the rank is the fried calamari with this nutty olive tapenade.  The calamari was crispy and tender- I wish we ordered more… or perhaps, if only they gave us more!  It seems like quite a small plate considering it’s $11.50.

Salted cod croquette is next, simply dressed with lemon $7.50.  These fluffy salty puffs of clouds are so delicious and moreish.

We are just starting to realised now we have ordered A LOT of deep fried stuff 😛  Oopppsss 😛 At least the next one is falafel$7.5- which is chickpeas right?  So it’s healthy, right?  LOL… well not really since it’s deep fried but anywayz.  None of us like this falafel.  We find it too dry and it not very flavoursome at all.  The tahini yoghurt helped a little, but I have had better.

Now THIS one is yummy… unsuspectingly so.  Sesame crumbed cauliflower, almond tarator $8.5… I mean cauliflower is not the most exciting thing in the world but somehow they managed to make it super yummy.  I think they must have pre-cooked it first cos it looks a bit mashed and creamy, then deep fried it to golden perfection.  With the addition of that garlicky, pinenut dip it was yumgasmic.  We even had to dip our breads into the sauce cos it was so yummy.  I would have liked it if there was more sesame flavours.

Haloumi $8.5 was our last mezzo.  It’s dressed with this slightly sweet cherry sauce that is supposed to help cut the richness of the cheese.  It really does help cut the richness but it really needs a bit more cos the haloumi is really REALLY oily and salty.  Not their best dish I must say.

I thought I’d be pretty full by then so I ordered a mezzo size dish of Grilled Antep lamb & pistachio kebab, pearl barley, tabouleh, lime, cardamom & pistachio dressing $14.50.  Dr Ben started cracking jokes about the presentation of this dish… well, it does look like two neatly arranged turds on a bed of grass.  😛  All jokes aside it was too bad, the pearl barley and tabouleh adds a chewy texture to the dish, but the meat just wasn’t very memorable.

Dr Ben’s Roasted Milawa free range chicken breast, pistachio, herb & spinach kisir, labneh, sage butter $34.00 became the butt of the joke also (excuse my pun) as it seemed to have this ball of dried up turd on top of the herb and spinach kisir.  He is not very impressed by this dish at all as the chicken was quite dry.  I normally avoid ordering chicken breast at a restaurant but for restaurant of this standard I guess we expected much more.

Grilled beef fillet slices, oregano & thyme, potato & herb pancakes,
braised eggplant $34.00 was nothing special either, although the beef was very tender and the potato and herb pancakes were more like fluffy fritters that’s quite yummy.

After the lack lustre mains we decided to skip dessert and head back to the city.  Annie-Smithers vs Mr Carsisi, Annie-Smithers won hands down.  6/10

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