Japan Trip- Ready, Set, GO!

I am officially on a countdown- I am taking my hubby, parents in law and my brother in law to Japan!  WOOT!

I’ve spent days and nights planning this trip, and eventually I made a word document of more than 20 pages, with  maps, train info and of course, where to eat.  I guess I am a perfectionist at heart, but most importantly I want them to eat well and not get lost!!! 😛

So, we are going to Osaka, Takayama and Kyoto for 6 days.  As most of us have been to Osaka, I’ve decided that we will only stay for one night there.  Then Takayama for one night and Kyoto for four.

I fell in love with Kyoto last time I went, I just couldn’t get enough of the elegance, beauty and refinement of Kyoto.  I am hell bent on eating kaiseki in Kyoto, however due to budget constraints we will be visiting mostly during lunch time, where kaiseki cuisine can be half the price of dinner kaiseki.

Here are the list of places I will be visiting and reviewing:-

Some of it, like Kinana icecream, I have visited before, for many others it’s my first time.

If anyone is going to Kyoto or Takayama and would like my itinerary and copious amounts of notes let me know ^^  and if you have anywhere you think I should be eating (if not this time I can ALWAYS go next time!), let me know also!  I can’t say that I know the best places to go in Kyoto, and indeed some places I couldn’t afford to go even though I know it’s the best (like Kichisen, Kikunoi etc) but hopefully I’ve found some things that are appealing, affordable and yummy (we shall see!).  I can only give you then notes after the second week of May though, I have to go and make sure all my directions are correct first (haha!)

Special thanks to Kyoto Foodie and Paul’s Travel Pics.  They are my go-to website to start researching for any food inspirations and Paul has awesome itineraries for Japan (awesomer than my crazy notes :)).  Also my utmost gratitude to Monkylicious for her awesome awesome organisation for our last Japan trip to Osaka and Kyoto, which made me fall in love with all the food places in the first place (not to mention the inspiration for my 20 pages notes cos she has this folder of info for each of us too on our last trip! :P)