LuLo Tapas and Winebar

LuLo Tapas and Winebar
798 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
(03) 9818 8321

I have been going to Hawthorn lately out of chance more than anything, but it’s nice to go out to the ‘burbs since the last year or so I have been confined to the eateries in Melbourne city.  So it’s quite funny cos all my posts are in the ‘burbs or in the regional area ^^

First thing that I was really impressed with is the bread- no the colour is not off, it’s actually paprika!  With a slight hint of smokiness and lavishly dipped in olive oil (that’s my doing! Hahaha!) I could made a meal solely out of this bread.  By the looks of hubby, slathering butter onto his slice of bread, he felt exactly the same.

But, enough gushing about the free bread.  As we have 5 people eating, we had a chance to try a number of different dishes.  First up was a dozen oysters ($36), with half natural and half cucumber, lime sorbet and salmon roe.  A few years ago, I never ate oysters, thinking that they are awful, until I ate some really fresh one and finally managed to appreciate oysters.

Sadly, these oysters can absolutely push me back to the edge of going back to not eating oysters.  Yikes- it was awful.  The ones with lime sorbet is only marginally better.

Zucchini flowers stuffed with 3 cheeses (2 pieces for $12).   I love zucchini flowers and this is pretty good, even though I don’t like blue and goats cheese the flavours blend together very well.

Golden cooked cassava chips with smoked yoghurt and avocado ($8, this is two serves).  This, is a miracle in a cone.  Hubby used to reject anything that pretends to be potato that ain’t potato- but this, a slightly sweeter and strachier version of potato was so yummy that hubby kept munching away.  The only negative thing is that since chip is so long, it makes it really hard to dip the yummy goodness of the smoked yoghurty and avocado.

Now for the real potato- Potato with roasted tomato, chilli and spanish style aioli $14.  Cute little cubes of creamy potatoes with a little bit scooped out, so the dollops of aioli and tomato can nestle into crunchy, creamy goodness.  Nom Nom Nom.

Cured king salmon was next, with lemon foam.  Urgh.  This was a little bit horrible.  I think they “overcooked” the salmon- maybe cos they left the lemon juice on the salmon for too long.  It texture is rough like smoked salmon but the flavours are sour.  Wayyyy too weird.  Yuck.

I think the dish that everyone agrees is good is this one:  Char-grilled Brazilian wagyu beef with palm heart chilli and coriander $34 (pictured is 2 serves). The beef was really tender and the accompaiment is quite unique.  I am not 100% sure whether it’s premium grade wagyu, but it’s nice.  This is probably the only dish that really stood out .

Dessert time!  Hubby’s cousin chose the two icecreams (pictured on the left and right)- Lulo & passionfruit and Raspberry ($4 per scoop).  The Lulo & passionfruit icecream is very sour but hubby and his cousin liked it.  The raspberry was nothing special.

Hubby had chocolate garnache with coffee olive oil, sea salt and crisp $8.  Hubby said it wasn’t that great, he said it just tasted like a huge gloop of ganache inside a chocolate, it’s just too much too disgusting.

As for me, I was too busy eating my creme catalina Cinnamon and lime infused set custard with spun sugar $6.  I never really appeciate stuff  like creme brulee etc, but I am pleasantly surprised by this dessert,.  I think it’s because of the citrusy flavour that really lifts the gluggy eggy flavours.  Yum.

Overall, I felt there are some pluses in Lulo Tapas and Winebar, but it still needs improvement.  Whilst some of the food is not too bad, the ones that are pretty good are overpriced.  Why would two serves of beef, about 10-15 slices of beef cost $68?!  Why would that small cone of chips be considered as 2 serves?!  Then again creme catalina is more than worth $6.  It’s just so weird.  6.5/10

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