A la Bouffe

A La Bouffe
268 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia
(03) 9077 2856

Millefeuille has become a term of endearment and lust to me ever since I tried a sweet millefeuille in Choquette, New Farm.  So when Dr. Ben spoke about A La Bouffe having a really great millefeuille dessert, we decided to go there for dinner and most importantly, try their desserts.

Hubby ordered the entree degustation for $20 with 6 small bites.  For a hubby who always commented it’s OK, this time he told me that the entree degustation was mediocre- Hubby wrinkled his nose after tasting the smoked salmon; the prawns seemed to be marinated with salt, making it artificially bouncy; the pumpkin soup is unusually watery, which was a bit disgusting.  But hubby did say that oyster was good and the snail has creamy buttery sauce which hubby and I dipped copious amount of bread into it.

Dr. Ben had the homemade rillettes, pâté, terrines, saucisson and cornichons.  It was a  pretty large portion for $19 and from what I tried I thought it was pretty good.

I couldn’t resist the Millefeuille for entree also.  Millefeuille with mussels, scallops, prawns & fish in a creamy seafood bisque $22.  My heart sank when I tasted the mussels.  They are not very fresh and I ordered mussels for mains also.  I almost told the waiter then and there to change my mains.  That being said the pastry was a flaky buttery goodness and the scallops were cooked to perfection.  The bisque was all buttery and carmelised goodness but there is not much “seafood” in this creamy seafood bisque.

Hubby ordered Scotch fillet w French fries, green salad & peppercorn brandy sauce $38-is quite chewy and dry and although the sauce wasn’t not too bad there was nothing outstanding either.

The chips are pretty good I thought, still think it needs some sauce cos its a bit dry, but really, it’s not oily, it’s crunchy and not soggy and has pretty good flavours, so complaints there.

Dr Ben had the Bouillabaisse $37.5 and he thought it was pretty good.

Dr. Nat had the Rabbit in a wholegrain mustard & tarragon sauce, Basmati rice $35.  The rabbit was very tender but Dr. Nat felt that it was too salty and the basmati rice was not very good.  It’s so hard to maintain the tenderness of the rabbit and to have it let down by the seasonings and rice is a bit of a disappointment.

I ordered the Mussels À La Jacky $30 but I don’t understand it.  Boiled and steamed in this what seemed like a apple cider vinegarish onion soup base, with bits of mince in it, served with chips.  I don’t even understand why chips? There is no sauce to dip it in !! Maybe it’s to beef up the portion size because when i was eating it I as thinking: god no wonder French women don’t get fat if that’s all they eat for dinner!  I am still HUNGRY!

For dessert hubby ordered the Mixed berry crepe with cointreau icecream $15.  God the berries were so sour and it just seemed to taste like something from the supermarket frozen food section.  FAIL.

The Meringue was one of the dessert specials and it was nice and fluffy.  However even with the 5 of us trying to finish this, this huge titanic iceberg portion of a lump of is just too much for the 5 of us and we left half of it untouched.

You guys might be surprised to know I didn’t actually order the Millefeuille for dessert, as I was feeling like tarte tartin and  I reasoned that since I ordered Millefeuille for entree, I should try something else.  OH. HOW. I. REGRET. MY. DECISION.  Ahmanda ordered the Millefeuille $17 and let me try some and it was really good.  OK maybe not as good as Choquette but still one of the best desserts I’ve tried at this joint.

As for the tarte tartin $15?  It was alright.  The tart was hot enough but bistro Vue and T’Gallant are my benchmark at the moment and this slightly soggy and not carmelised tarte tartin was merely passable.  The ice cream didn’t match the tarte tartin at all.  Cointreau vanilla ice cream?! Why?! Why can’t they just leave it simple and serve me vanilla bean ice cream? Cointreau and apple just don’t match!

Overall I thought that there are a LOT of misses rather than hits and even on the rare occassion they got it right, there are still elements that was a bit off, so I would give it a 4.5 out of 10.

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