Famous Crab place- Kani Doraku Restaurant Osaka

Kani Doraku
1-6-18 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0071, Japan
〒542-0071 大阪府大阪市中央区道頓堀1-6-18
+81 6-6211-8975

When I was in Osaka with Monkylicious and Froggy last Jan, we went to this crab restaurant and have been dreaming about coming back ever since.

The crab hot pot was highly recommended by the restaurant and a number of reviews but we didn’t have it last time, so we thought we’d order a pot to try.  You can also order additional servings crab meat, veg, udon noodles or rice if you are not full.  We ordered an additional serving of veggies and udon noodles.

The hot pot arrived first.  The flavours were simple- dashi stock used was delicate but well seasoned and the sweetness of the crab seeped into the soup, which was of course perfect for the udon and veggies to absorb all those flavours.  On the menu there was instructions on how to cook this hot pot.  The key is not to overboil the dashi or it might become too bitter.  If you don’t really like Asian parsley, it’s best not to add those mizuna leaves as it tasted a bit metallic when you cooked it for too long.  This hot pot also comes with “crab guts”.  Don’t be put off by it! You would see more “crab guts” n the next few pics, yes, it IS poo green and it does not look the least appetizing, but it has a very creamy texture, very sweet tasting.  Just close your eyes and eat it I swear it tasted great!

While the hot pot  was simmering away, we also ordered some crab sashimi.  Even though it was not the crab season, it was very fresh.  The restaurant gave us two dipping sauce, one is simply soy, the other is a light sauce with yuzu.  I love the yuzu sauce as it adds a zest to the crab meat.

Next is what I previously mentioned, crab guts that’s grilled in the shell, with mushrooms, ginkgo nuts.  We were too busy eating other stuff that this got a little bit burnt.  (handy hint: don’t think that you should cook it till the fire runs out.. use your judgement- as long it looks as if it’s heated through, then it should be ok to eat!).  Grilling it adds a smokey flavour to it, which i find it tastier than just eating it with this hotpot.

For the less adventurous, they DO have crab tempura.  It tasted great and it was not very oily.  The batter  was quite light and the crab was well seasoned.  Although it was not the healthiest dish I would still highly recommended it.  Otherwise they have was this creamy baked crab shell I had last time with Monkylicious and Froggy.  It wasn’t  bad but it was nothing to rave home about.

The five of us weren’t very full after these (although we did promise ourselves, at 9pm, we should have a light meal), so we ordered crab sashimi sushi and crab  guts sushi, which was of course, sensational.  I really really love the crab sashimi sushi and shiso leaf ship, but then again, I do love my shiso leaf ^^

NOW we are full!  Burp!  But so satisfied!!!  9/10

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