Osaka Ramen- Shi-Ten-Noh

Shi-ten-noh  四天王
Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Nanbanaka, 1丁目18−8
大阪市浪速区難波中1-18-8 大阪開発難波ビル

I love ramen, so when I saw that the ramen shop we went on our previous visit to Osaka has another shop near Namba station, I thought I’d stop by for a quick meal.  I must admit I wasn’t overtly impressed by the ramen here last time, I ordered some sort of chilli ramen and I didn’t like it much and the egg was overcooked.  That being said I remembered last time Monkylicious’ and Froggy’s normal ramen was pretty good so I thought I’d give it another go.

Oh why why why didnt I order a normal ramen? Once again, being a smartarse, I decided to order something that’s new, and it was kind of like a stir fry with slithers of pork and veg on top of ramen.  It was very oily and salty, and the ramen was the white skinny ones that doesn’t really have much bounciness to it.  The egg that I ordered extra this time was cooked perfectly, however  it was a bit salty, just like everything else.

I tried hubby’s miso ramen with those bouncy yellow noodles and it tasted good.  After tasting all the ramen places on our trip hubby even reckons that this is the best ramen out of the three ramen joints.

The verdict? Probably stick to the tried and tested ramen rather than new stuff in this ramen restaurant. 6.5/10

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