Quickie with Piggy- Threefold

381 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9614 8194

Threefold is situated in a cozy nook in a lesser known part of Flinders Lane.  They serve great breakfasts and lunch and even take home dinner.

I went for lunch one day and tried booking this place in advance but no one returned my calls.  Thankfully the cafe was not full and they were able to accommodate a table for two.

I had the pork and mushroom pie with 2 salads ($16.50 +$5.50 extra salad).  The pork pie isn’t huge but the portion with two salad was just the right size for me.  The crust was gorgeous- hot, flaky, buttery pastry that is beautiful in a cold wintery (well, ok autumny) day.  The pork was underseasoned though but nothing a pinch of salt and pepper couldn’t fix.  I chose a broccoli leafy salad which is extremely fresh and well seasoned, and a pearl barley and mushroom salad which is sensational.  Even though I had a pie I felt that I balanced it out eating that salad 😛

My dining companion had a quiche with rochefort and bacon as well as 2 salads (same price).  He quite liked it although he felt that there are too much beans (both of his salads, cauliflower & chorizo salad and silverbeet salad has beans in it).

We also shared a chocolate brownie with peanut butter glaze and thought that it was a bit dry although not very sweet which is what I liked.

Overall the service is a bit non-existent- we had to walk around looking for what’s there to eat as they never offered us a menu.  Once we got their attention though they were friendly and explained thoroughly what’s on offer.  Overall I still like this place and would take them here if given a chance. 7/10

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