Miyako 都そば 京都
Japan, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Ukyo Ward, Saiinkozanjicho, 38−1 阪急電鉄西院駅 1F
+81 75-323-0629

Back in January when I was with Froggy and Monkylicious we walked past this place so many times but there were always places to go,things to see.

This time, I get to go with my MIL while taking a break from shopping. Miyako Soba is full of people at lunch time, standing at the counter, slurping noodles. One person leaves, another person walks in, standing in the same little bit of counter space, slurping away. Workmen, businessmen, old ladies alike, they all have the same look of concentration on their faces as they slurped away.

It wasn’t very long until it was our turn. I ordered what I think was tempura and egg udon which turned out to be right ^^. The tempura was made with flavoursome dried shrimps and batter and the egg was cooked by the scalding hot soup poured over the udon. It was simple but tasted amazingly good. Most people drink their soup and it was a very nice stock however it was just way too hot for this 25 degree weather.

I took pictures of the storefront as they do not have English signage. I am guessing that Westerners or tourist even rarely venture into Miyako Soba as I could not find any reviews on Trip Advisor or Lonely Planet about it. Amazeballs. I finally had to post the shop name up on Instagram and two very nice Japanese instagrammers Kaori0525 and kakomato told me that this is a very famous soba place. Opppsss so it’s not an udon place? Darn it, next time I gotta order the soba! 8.5/10

Handy Tip:
Well, first of all eat soba. 😛
Secondly it’s very easy to find this shop, just go to Shijo, near the Takashimaya department store, go find the MacDonalds on that street and it’s directly across it.

Sometimes I wondered why people would eat Macdonalds across the road when they could pay ¥360 (AUD$4) to enjoy this simple but delicious udon (or soba) noodles and mingle with the locals?