Sukemasa Japanese Gyoza

Sukemasaぎょうざ処 高辻 亮昌(すけまさ)
下京区堀之内町263, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Sometimes you can find little gems without all the pre-planning and research.  It had been a long, hard day walking and shopping around Kyoto, so we decided to have something simple near where we stayed for dinner.  Hubby’s brother spotted a gyoza place and decided that we should try it.

There are many places in Japan that specialises in one thing and one thing only.  The concept is simple- you just do something you are really really good at and perfect it, instead of trying to do a million types of food without perfecting one.  I kinda like this concept.

Hence, the menu is also quite simple- you get either pork Gyoza, or pork Gyoza set with rice, miso soup and pickles.  Oh, and you can get this little fish braised in sancho pepper too.  And drinks.  That’s about it.

So that’s what we ordered- 3 Gyoza set plus one extra order of Gyoza, one of those little fish just to try and a few alcoholic drinks- grand total of AUD $50 including drinks for the 5 of us.  NOICE.

The Gyoza was amazing.  The Gyoza skin was very thin, the bottom is crispy but not too oily.  Inside was juicy, filled with more veggies than pork I must say but it was just awesome- you won’t feel it weighing you down even when you have all these Gyoza.  To me, that was just perfect.

Those sancho little fish was ok…I don’t really like sancho so it was not my favorite dish- and they are whole fishies so if you don’t like the eyes staring at you (I have more problems with the sancho), maybe don’t order it?

The manager of this joint is also very friendly, we learnt that he studied and worked in US for a bit and can speak really good English even though most of his clientele were Japanese.

All in all… Can I say 10/10? Oh I didn’t really like the fishies but I will definitely give it 9.5/10!

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