Quickie with Piggy- Dessert Story

Dessert Story
305 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia
03 9650 7776

Dessert Story opened up not long ago in Chinatown at the old Old Town Kopitan address, and now they have already opened another store on Swanston street.

The shop is for Asian dessert lovers and with a special focus on Taiwanese and Hong Kong desserts. Taiwanese desserts such as shaved ice and mixed desserts like an all in one mix of jellies, pearls, fruits and cubed taros featured, and Hong Kong style glutinous rice balls, sweet soups are also on sale.

Dessert Story on a Saturday night was pumping, but thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long for a table of three. We decided to order HKese desserts: purple rice pudding, black sesame seed sweet soup w peanut glutinous rice balls and peanut sweet soup w black sesame glutinous rice balls. They all came in an unattractive styrofoam bowl so apologies for the ugly looking pics!

The purple rice pudding was good, chewy rice pudding that is not overly sweet, with a dash of coconut milk.

Sesame sweet soup was less yummy- it was smooth enough, but just wayyyy too sweet with a bitter aftertaste. How they managed to achieve that I have no idea. The glutinous rice balls tasted like what we could have bought in the frozen section of some Asian supermarket. It was OK.

The peanut soup was awful. Once again it was wayyy too sweet, the texture was clumpy and I have a sneaking suspicion that they actually used peanuts that was not very fresh… Like REALLY not very fresh. Even hubby said it tasted all wrong. I had the sesame glutinous rice balls and left the soup basically untouched.

The service was good if a little bit disorganised, but I am not expecting much of this dessert joint. All in all, 4/10

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