Kinana Icecream

Kinana Icecream 京きなな
京都府京都市東山区祇園町南側570−119 605-0074, Japan
Kyoto-shi, Higashiyama-ku, Gion-machi Minami-gawa 570-119

Kinana Icecream, according to Kyoto Foodie, is a must try. Their icecream is made fresh with no additives, fillers or artificial ingredients. Indeed the last time we went there the icecream was perfect.

The icecream of the day is normally the yummiest because it’s made fresh on the day so it’s less icy.  The flavour of that day was black sugar.  Apparently black sugar is much healthier than normal sugar as it is less processed and it contains calcium and potassium.

There are not much choices in Kinana, I think all together there are 6 set icecream dishes.  You can either get 2 scoops of icecream, two scoops of icecream with mochi, three scoops of  icecream or there are 3 types of sundaes.  They also would not let you change the flavours so tough luck if you don’t like the flavours.  We ordered a 2 scoop which features the icecream of the day and plain soy bean flavour, a berry sundae and a chestnut sundae that seemed to be more suited for winter.

The black sugar icecream was indeed very smooth and creamy and only slightly sweet in flavour.  The soy bean icecream is not too sweet either but had a subtle nutty flavour.

I warned hubby who was having berry sundae- last time Monkylicious had it and it was quite sour.  Although hubby liked sour desserts I think he thought it was just a little bit too sour for him too.  Decorated with a pretty cluster of raspberries and mochi balls, this sundae comes with plain icecream, black sesame and green tea.  There are also some yoghurt in the bottom and hubby thought at least yoghurt is good for you even though we ate some pretty fatty icecream!

I had my favourite: plain,  black sesame and mugwort icecream topped w red bean, mochi and chestnut.  There are also some yummy malty crunchy stuff and some jelly stuff at the bottom.  OMG I just loved the different textures and flavours.  I did WISH I could have green tea instead of mugwort, but alas it’s not allow and I did enjoy the mugwort anyway as it’s quite refreshing.

Whilst I think Kinana is fantastic, there are a few things that irritates me about this place.  Fair enough that you are stubborn about your flavour combination and won’t let us change flavours, but my MIL’s health issue meant she could not eat cold food however we are forced to order one order for each person.  We tried to order some biscuits but apparently those are “side orders” and cannot be ordered as “one order”.  So we had to order an extra two scoops that we could barely finish.  The inflexibility of this shop just irks me a bit.  7/10

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