Nishiki Market Yum Yum Eating Walking Tour

Nishiki market 京都錦市場
京都府京都市中京区錦小路通 Nishikikoji Dori (Street behind Daimaru), Kyoto, Japan

Nishiki Market is one of the more famous markets in Kyoto. Spanning across a few streets, this narrow lane way market is full of fresh fruit, veg, meat and seafood. But amongst these there are cooked food stalls, snack food stalls and pickles stalls where you are really fill yourself up eating and walking down that street.

We started from the Daimaru end of the Nishiki Market and work our way up to the laneways of shops.

First up, deep fried chicken. Although it was quite tender and it was flavoursome, the batter was a bit lumpy.

Next is beef buns- nice thinly slices of beef with bamboo shoots in a fluffy steamed bun.  I wasn’t too sure about the shredded ginger in the bun but it did went well with the meat.

There is this fresh fish place that sells marinated sashimi skewers. It’s 180 yen for 3 squares of sashimi that is really fresh. We had the fatty salmon marinated with soy, sake and sesame seeds as well as the scallops marinated with olive oil, wine, vinegar and a squeeze of lemon juice at the end.

We had some takoyaki also, 6 little octopus balls filled with ginger and octopus. You can choose a few different toppings like cheese, takoyaki sauce w mayo, spring onion or just plain w takoyaki sauce. We found the octopus a bit too tough.

In Japan you will often see shops that are specialized in one thing- this shop specialized in egg rolls. You can buy a rectangular shaped egg roll and cut it into pieces to feed your family, or if you are like me who wanted to try what it taste like, you can buy one slice of egg roll. These type of egg rolls are like a marriage of an omelette and steamed egg custard. Yum.

I love these peanut crackers things. There is a store that makes them on site and although they wouldn’t put freshly made hot ones in the bag (as it would soft the crackers), the packaged one is still very moreish and crispy. There are also other flavours to choose from, such as broadbeans and soy beans, but my peanut obsession means I love the peanut crackers the best!

We went past this shop when we first arrived early in the morning but it was close so we went back at around lunch to see if we could get a table for their freshly grilled seafood.

The oysters are so huge and fat! They are freshly shucked and are prox AUD$3 each.

The grilled scallops are about AUD$6 each, but that includes 2 bits of scallop meat plus roe and side bits. Eat them all as the flavours and textures are all different.

Apparently this pictured is a cockle? But it looked every different from the cockles we had in Singapore. This is very sweet tasting and doesn’t have that fishy smell. Last time we had some sort of sea snail thing, which I didn’t go for this time as I am still a bit freaked out by it.

This, with our very very full bellies and hands full of shopping concludes our Nishiki Market eating tour.

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