Quickie with Piggy: Patterns Cafe Egg Waffles

Patterns Cafe
254 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Australia
03 9650 8868

One night after work I was walking past Patterns Cafe when I spotted MY LOVE.  MY LOVE- I dreamt about it for the last 3 years.  For the last few years, I haven’t been to Hong Kong, and even though Sydney used to have them, in the last few years they have stopped making them also.  MY LOVE, is Hong Kong style Egg Waffle.

When I was younger I would walk home from school, and on the way I would buy a packet of egg waffles from this old couple, happily munching them back home.

So here I am, all starry eyed and staring at the advertisment about Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle.  I took a deep breath and walked in.  $5 per packet, it’s fairly expensive compared to Hong Kong (you probably pay $2-$2.5 per packet), but if it’s good, it’s worth it.

I waited for about 10 mins and there it is- my Hong Kong style Egg Waffle!  It’s crunch time- how would Patterns Cafe Egg Waffle compare to the Hong Kong ones which I used to love?

The result?  It’s OK.  By the looks of it, the egg waffle was a bit overcooked.  The egg waffles should be yellowy-golden, not brown like that.  The egg waffles should also be crispy on the outside and really soft and spongy on the inside.

Pattern’s waffle was crispy on the outside, but perhaps because it was really overcooked, it wasn’t soft on the inside.  The oil used to cook this was also a bit different and the batter was also not as delicious as the ones in Hong Kong.

Would I go back to have more?  Probably not, unless I am really craving for egg waffles again.  5/10

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