Epilogue: Still dreaming about Japan

I can’t help it. Every day I dream about Japan and the wonderful time I had eating and shopping there.  From expensive kaiseiki cuisine to ryokan dinners to market stalls selling awesome snacks, every culinary experience just blew me out of the water in Japan.

So I thought the best thing to do is to do a huge recap of the places I visited in April, my food journey from Osaka to Takayama and Kyoto.  Please click on the links in bold to see my blog post on each of the yummy places I visited 🙂

Hope you enjoy.

First Stop: Osaka

Although we didn’t stay in Osaka for long, I did remember to take Hubby to this wonderful crab place in Dontonburi.  Kani Doraku is an institution really, with its famous moving crab being a landmark itself.

The next day we went to Shi-Ten-Noh which is essentially a chain store.  Highly recommend ordering just the simple ramen with charshu and egg, don’t order anything fancy as you will end up being disappointed.

We stayed at the Nankai Swissotel with wonderful staff who helped us book most of our culinary adventures in Kyoto and helped me organise Hubby’s wonderful birthday cake.  it’s worth it to spend a bit more staying there.

Second Stop: Takayama

We went to Takayama to see Hida-no-sato, which is an open museum full of thatched houses.

We stayed at a Ryokan named Hodakaso Yamanoiori and experienced so lovely local cuisine there and awesome hot spring baths in the ryokan.

Third Stop: Kyoto

I love Kyoto so we actually stayed there the longest.  As we were travelling as a party of five we got to book a traditional machiya house and try living the lifestyle of a Kyoto family.

Day One
Arriving late afternoon, our first eating adventure was at Uosue, trying out the Japanese Kaiseiki (multicourse) cuisine.

Day Two
Early next morning we went to the Nishiki Market for some eating and walking- exercise and food combined- that’s healthy right?!

It is certainly healthy as the next thing we ate was ramen at Kairikiya Ramen.  I still dream about those fatty oil swimming in the soup- THAT’S what makes ramen awesome (well, in moderation of course 😉 )

Day 3
Having eaten so much we decided to work out our wallets instead and went shopping the next day.  We lingered around Daimaru, Takashimaya department stores and spent a lot of time swiping our credit cards.  To maximise our time shopping we ate, standing up, at this awesome Udon/Soba place named Miyako.

By the time we are done, it was hot and sticky, so we went to Kinana Icecream to chill out and have something sweet.

Our legs are truly killing us in the afternoon, so we headed off to the ‘burbs to experience some local onsen.  Funaoka Onsen was pretty awesome and if you are game do try the electric bath, if not there are also an array of normal outdoor and indoor baths.  Just remember to bring towel and toileteries and remember, be comfortable naked cos everyone has to be naked in the onsen.

At night we had a nice simple dinner near our Machiya house, in an awesome gyoza place called Sukemasa.

Day Four

At Tousuiro meat loving Hubby had a yumgasmic experience having a Tofu Kaiseiki (multicourse).  I laughed cos initially he frowned and grumbled when I mentioned that we will be having one meal, just one meal, consisting of multiple tofu courses.

This is our last night so I thought we should posh it up a bit and go to Wakuden for our last meal.  Another kaiseiki, but sadly I couldn’t say it was a perfect end to our trip.  Oh well, there’s always next time and we will be having Kichisen and Kikunoi Hoten next time!