38 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
03 9867 5888

I have been to Luxbite so many times since it opened but yet I haven’t blogged about them on my new blog.  Situated on the Toorak road, at a first glance it’s probably not obvious that it’s a cake and macaron shop.  There were no huge displays of cakes and macarons near the entrance and sitting by the window, I saw a number of people hesitantly peer inside to see what’s inside.

For those in the know (and nowadays there are many), you knew to grab a seat, then head straight to the cake and macaron cabinet.  You probably change your mind a million times on what to order cos everything looks so good, then take a deep breath and order what you want, hoping your dining partner would order your second choice so you can try both.

I took my high school friend Basketball Head to Luxbite at this occasion and we ordered several desserts and a pot of peppermint tea.  The peppermint tea bag is so cute, it has a little leaf sprout as a “handle” that pokes out.  It doesn’t have a really strong flavour though and I wonder whether it’s because the tea bag is so tightly packed.

Basketball Head had Epic Chocolate which hubby likes as well.  It was a decadent piece of cake.  Rich in dark chocolate with a hazelnut base, I could see him savoring every bite.  Basketball Head reached a climatic end when he bit into the salted caramel sphere and he moans with pleasure. It was quite disturbing really but I completely understood how he felt.

My Oriental Eclair is lighter but certainly no less yumgasmic- it was actually the first time I’ve tried this dessert as I don’t normally rate eclair, but this is certainly going to be my new favorite.  The choux pastry is so light and dry, so unlike the crappy soggy saggy pastries I had previously.  The coconut, peanut and sesame seed crumble on top adds fragrant and flavour to this dessert, a thinly slice of caramelised  banana and a smear of pandan adds moisture and flavour without weighing the pastry down.  Luxbite’s site mentioned that there’s passionfruit in this Oriental Eclair but I can’t say detected any in mine.  Not that it matters, it was still awesome.

We also shared the bread and butter pudding, which is one of my favorites also.    I love bread and pudding by itself, but when you drown it in Luxbite’s own pandan anglaise, you’ve pretty much died and gone to heaven.

By this time we had a serious case of food coma and could barely move, but we managed to lumber towards the macaron cabinet and grab my favorite- peanut butter macaron to go.  For the more adventurous, definitely try their bamboo and oolong tea macarons, it’s actually my second favorite.  Kaya Toast macarons are very popular too.

There are not a lot of places that does fusion well, as for great fusion desserts, well, there’s really only Luxbite.  Their creativity and passion were just amazing and that’s why this is one of my favorite dessert places in Melbourne.  9/10

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