252 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia
03 9663 7660

I love Cookie!  Well, to be more specific, I love having lunch at Cookie.  If you go at dinnertime, it’s usually super packed and really loud, but when you head there at lunch time, although it can be quite busy, at least it’s not chock full of people.

On this relaxing afternoon, we decided to have a late lunch.  While the service was quite slow, the food came pretty quickly.  I had the Tapioca dumpling first ($13.5)- I loved the chewiness of this dumpling and the flavours of the dumplings- it was soooooo good.  I would love to have more of these but it’s actually quite filling.  If I had to nit pick, the texture contrast wasn’t there. There should be peanuts inside, but I think it was chopped too finely.  The tapioca balls are also a bit sweet for my liking, but nothing like a bit of fish sauce to solve the problem.

Quail with pickled watermelon rind was next $17.  The quail was a bit underseasoned and I had to add chilli powder and fish sauce to it.  Other than that the quail was cooked beautifully and the sourness of the watermelon rind really lifts the oilness.

Hubby wanted a curry so we ordered coconut yellow curry with steamed pork and egg $21.  OMG the curry was so good- rich coconuty in flavour, the curry was fragrant, morish and irresistably addictive.  NOICE.  The pork was well seasoned and went well with the curry sauce, and the egg was just cooked, runny in the middle.  This was definitely the best dish.

We were too full this time, but the dessert was definitely a must have here.  I normally order the pandan sticky rice w/ fresh mango and icecream.  Although this normally comes with coconut icecream, if you smile sweetly at the waiter/ waitress you can most likely change it to something else.  I really love Cookie’s taro icecream- it tasted just like the ones I had when I was a child- no, even better than the ones I had when I was a child.  YUM.

All in all, I like Cookie more than Chin Chin.  There are some quirky stuff like tapioca dumpling, taro dumplings, drunken noodles etc which I love.  Not having to stress about seats availability is also a plus in Cookie 🙂  7.5/10

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