Chez Dre

Chez Dre
287 Coventry St (rear), SouthMelbourne, Australia
03 9690 2688

The decision to venture out to South Melbourne to have lunch during a workday  wasn’t easy- it’s a hassle to catch public transport and the fact that I often have to gobble down my food often deters me.  But with Chez Dre I will make an exception.

Hidden in one of the laneways Chez Dre was known for a long wait on the weekend.  On a weekday however, it was busy but we were quickly seated.

I had a beef pot pie and my friends had the vegan baguette.  The order arrived quickly (a massive tick given I was starving and had to run back to work) and the pie came with a lovely side of beans.

I dug into the pot pie, expecting flaky, buttery pastry ($17.5).  Sadly this pastry seemed to be more dry and crunchy which made me sad considering I was craving a decent pie.

The inside of the pie though was certainly up to scratch.  Chunky pieces of beef were tender, with an occasional nugget of bacon and mushroom to keep things interesting.

On another occasion I had their corn and jalapeño brioche with the pulled pork and black eye peas.  I really loved the brioche, it was light and buttery at the same time.  I can just have that with their guacamole and egg and be happy.  The pulled pork was a bit bland and tough.  The black eye pea adds a feeling of healthiness to the dish but nothing to the flavour.

I have on other occasions tried their desserts and found them a bit too sweet and boring, that being said someone had bought them for me and perhaps they didn’t know my taste that well and made safe choices.  This time I chose my own- hazelnut praline crunch cake $8.5- I still find it a little bit sweet but I love the hazelnut crunchy tops and base of the cake.  The crunchy bits also balances out the sweetness as it was slightly salty.

Overall I think that each dish has its hits and misses which is a bit disappointing.  If they managed to get each of the elements right it would have been a fantastic place for a leisurely weekday lunch.  6.5/10

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