Auction Rooms

Auction Rooms
107 Errol St, North Melbourne, VIC, Australia
03 9326 7749

One cold Friday night we hustled down to Auction Rooms to try out their dinner menu.  The Auction Rooms started opening for dinner just a few months ago so whilst they are busy,  the place was not packed.

We were waiting for Dr. Ben and Ahmanda so we ordered some warm marinated olives w grilled sourdough $6.5 to munch on .  The olives were fresh and crisp and have a truffley flavour to it which was very nice.

When our friends arrived the waitress explained the menu to us- the short menu consisted of mainly share plates and if we couldn’t decide we can always order their tasting menu, which is $60 p.p.  Since I wanted to try the whole menu anyway we immediately agreed to the tasting menu.

First came the croquette stuffed with fennel and manchego and sitting on a bed of onion soup.  The croquette was crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside.  The flavours were well balanced and we all nodded with approval.

Next came the fried anchovies .  We probably won’t pick anchovies normally but that’s the beauty of tasting menu.  Although I still found the anchovies quite salty and fishy, these were one of the better anchovies I have tasted because it has a fantastic batter.

The pork knuckles were fantastic.  I was dreading that it would come out like a hand with all the fatty bits but as you can see from the picture it was beautifully presented.  Lovely, tender rounds of pork hock that’s not fatty at all.  The sprinkles of lentils vinaigrette really helps cut the richness also.

The last of our entrees were lamb riblets cooked in sherry and roasted pepper sauce.  The lamb ribs were falling off the bone and cooked to perfection-absolutely yumgasmic!  If I was having this at home I would probably suck the juices outta those bones…

Our mains came and between the four of us we got 2 dishes for each of the main course below!  Our first main was gurnard fish with globe artichoke.   I was sure I wasn’t drunk but I thought the waiter said gonads and not gurnard…. Hrm…. Thankfully everyone clarified for me and silently wondered what sort of foodie I am. 😛  I love the sauce but I thought the fish was a bit too fishy for my liking.

The chermoula-roasted heirloom carrots has the perfect colors of autumn/winter, but perhaps hubby and I were not huge fans of cumin and coriander flavours that made up the chermoula, we didn’t rate it at all.

We thought the carrots was the last dish but wait- there is more! Porterhouse steak w/ red cabbage was next, served with rocket salad.  Cooked to perfection, the porterhouse was juicy and tender.  It was so rich though!  Good thing that the rocket salad with goat cheese was there to cut the fat.  Unfortunately one of the two plates of rocket salad was overdressed and wayyyyy too sour.

Dessert time!  I was kinda glad that the chocolate and peanut delice is tiny cos I am so full!  I always thought that delice is some sort of layer cake but this one was a mousse.  To be honest I can’t really taste the peanut, only the chocolate, but it’s still really yummy.  The best thing is the mandarin puree and the mandarin, making it like a jaffa mousse.  Yum!

Overall we all liked the dinner menu at Auction Rooms.  We can’t wait to try their breakfast/lunch next time!  8/10

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