Fringe Food Fest- Truffles at Estelle

243 High St, Northcote, VIC, Australia
03 9489 4609

Hi all!  We just came back from fabulous foodie haven Hong Kong to this depressingly horrible cold weather on Sunday.  I was a bit sad face until I suddenly remembered that I booked a Fringe Food Fest event- Truffles at Estelle!  What best way to turn a frown upside down than to gorge on the heady flavours of truffles?

I am still in my jetlag exhaustion, back to work 10 hr day haze so apologies for not saying much but let’s just say the whole night was yumgasmic.  Beside, who doesn’t like a little food porn- no one reads the articles anyway 😉

First up, an awesome truffle and cumquat cocktail

Parmentier, smoked trout and quark

Scott Pickett shaving that HUGE truffle and the aroma WAFTING into the dining room… YUMGASMIC

Blue swimmer, risoni and basil… and of course HUGE servings of truffles!

Macaroni, carbonara and girolles

My fav dessert in Estelle- complete with truffle! Vanilla, Honey and Burnt Orange

Baked Clarines, fig, & beetroot

The best and most decadent cheesy toast- EVER!

As usual the Estelle’s yumgasmic dishes, with the addition of heady aroma of truffles, took my breath away.  Each dish was deceptingly simple but it truly allowed the complexities of the flavours shine through.  Estelle is no doubt one of my favourite restaurant in Melbourne.

There are more truffles event at Fringe Food Fest, although sadly not at the Estelle I am sure it’s just as wonderful.  Hopefully, Estelle will be doing Truffles with Fringe Food Fest next yr cos I will be there, will bells on!

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