Kokoro Ramen

Kokoro Ramen
157 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Australia
03 9650 1215

When the much anticipated Kokoro ramen first opened in our neighborhood, we immediately went to try it.  Sadly, we were impressed by their ramen and haven’t been back since.  But June seemed to be the month second chances, as we visited Movida Aqui and Cummulus Inc with varying degrees of redemption, we decided to give Kokoro Ramen a second chance too.

I ordered a Pork Belly Tonkotsu ramen ($14.5) and hubby ordered sweet corn and butter Tonkotsu miso ramen ($14.5)  w a side of spicy mince pork and an additional serving of noodles.

Once again, the ramen were a disappointment.  The pork belly for one, was not tender and succulent, but slightly tough and over seasoned.  The broth was wayyyyy too salty and so was the egg, which was also overcooked.  The accompanying veggies include black fungus and I don’t actually think it normally features in ramen.

Hubby’s one was better, less salty.  But the butter did not do anything to the broth other than making us felt like we swallowed a brick in our stomach.  I think you really need to use good quality butter to enhance this dish.

The actually noodles were not the bouncy types I love, it’s long and straight ones that don’t have a slight bite.  Hubby’s extra noodles were actually all clumped up and no matter how we try to loosen it up it did not separate.

Overall we are pretty disappointed with the quality of Kokoro.  Honestly, Don 2 ramen was better. 4/10

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