Dumpling Yuan

Dumpling Yuan
69 Wellington st, Central Hong Kong
(852) 2525 9018

My visit to Hong Kong brings back a lot of fond memories.  Where I travel to might not be where everyone would go, but hopefully my series of HK eats will bring some inspiration to people when visiting Hong Kong.

On this particular day I got off the bus in Central.  It was 10am and nothing much was open.  So I wandered around the streets past H&M, up the famous Duddell St onto Wellington St, where I stumbled upon my favourite dumpling place- Dumpling Yuan.

It was so hot that day although it was only 10am, so I ordered a cold Hawthorn tea to cool down.  hawthorn tea apparently aids digestion and have lots of vitamin A and C but what I really like was the slightly tart flavour.  There are so many weird and wonderful drinks in Hong Kong.

Back to the dumplings.  I ordered a plate of pork and courgette dumplings (10 pcs for HKD $39 approx AUD$5).  The dumpling has a slightly thick skin but it was certainly not gluggy like the ones in Australia and while I am always used to the thinner skins in HK (apparently in China they use thicker skins), I like how this one slightly yields when bitten.

The dumplings were cooked just right, so the courgette retains its crunchiness.  There were more veggies than meat which I really like and it makes a healthier dumpling experience.  The pork wasn’t too fatty but it was succulent.

I tried it plain without any sauces and found the flavours quite nice by itself, although you can definitely taste a bit of the floury flavour of freshly made dumplings.  There’s also a condiments tray where you can get chilli, soy and vinegar.  I then tried a bit of each which also goes well with the dumplings but the chilli wasn’t as hot as I liked it to be.

While I was eating a spotted a donkey meat dish.  I asked the owner whether they use real donkeys and she said they do! Lol.  I was intrigued but maybe next time cos 10 dumplings for one little piggy for breakfast was quite enough.

Overall 8/10

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