Red Spice Road

Red Spice Road
27 McKillop St, Melbourne VIC, Australia
03 9603 1601

For one of the best lunch deals in town, it’s hard to find anything better than Red Spice Road.  For $25 you get a huge 3 course lunch with rice- you can even use your entertainment card!  What’s more, they do cater for pescatarian and vegetarians with their lunch banquet menu too (check for other intolerances).

My friend Shoe Queen has recently become a pescatarian.  To be honest, I would love to eat less meat too so since there are the only two of us at lunch, we decided to order the Pescatarian Lunch Banquet for 2 people.  They don’t actually have a pescatarian menu but the waitress explained to us that dishes will be similar to the ones that have meat but there just won’t be meat.  This concept boggled us a bit because the first thing that came to mind is obviously their famous pork belly… so how do they make THAT similar as a pescatarian/vego dish??  Well you will see soon enough 😉

First up was the appetiser.  Chopped herbs wrapped in Betel leaves and eaten in whole, the normal one would contain chicken but ours contain mint, pomelo, fried shallots, chillis etc, it was a very refreshing start to our meal.

Our mains came pretty quickly, and this is the Flathead, Watermelon, Coriander and Lemongrass Salad.  This is on the normal menu, where small pieces of flathead is deep fried and mixed into the beautiful, crunchy salad.

This green curry with deep fried pumpkin, eggplants and whole shallots.  I like this dish the least.  It was OK but it’s not spicy enough and it was a bit too coconuty for my liking.

PORK BELLY!  Oh wait, we are having the pescatarian option right?  This is actually the imitation pork belly, same sauce, same apple slaw on top, but instead of pork belly, it has corn cakes!  The corn cakes were deep fried so it was crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the inside.  The sauce was the downfall though.  With the corn already being sweet, the sweet sticky caramel sauce made it wayyyyyyyy too sweet.  I tried the corn fritter without the sauce but it’s a bit dry, so carefully drizzle it is.

Overall, it’s a great lunch banquet if you wanted to splurge a little and get good value for money, but just be aware also pesca/vegetarian doesn’t mean healthy, especially with 3 out of 3 deep fried dishes at Red Spice Road. 7/10

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