Silo by Joost

Silo by Joost
123 Hardware St, Melbourne, Australia
03 9600 0588

“I felt I am cheating on Hardware Socetie,” the man opposite me said. I am sitting in the communal table in Silo by Joost, checking out what the fuss is. Joost set up a pop up bar/resto during the week of Melbourne Food and Sine festival, and I foolishly tried to go there on the last day and didn’t manage to get in… Nope, not even the waiting list!

Imagine World Without Waste 🙂

My Seat

So this time, I tried to get here for lunch a little bit early, hoping to avoid the crowds. Their waiters proudly declared that they are a no waste restaurant. I had to leap onto a seat that is made with recycled materials, they use crates to store their food, giant milk tins to store their milk, a commercial evaporator to dry all their food and make compost. The extent to their commitment for a “world without waste” could mean that if their suppliers uses packaging, they won’t stock the item. At the moment they do not have soy milk as no suppliers would sell it to them using their milk tins.  [New Update 7 Aug- Silo by Joost now makes their own soy milk!  I can’t wait to try it!  YAY!]

Their Kitchen!

Machine for bread


Anyway, back to the food. Their menu is simple, the breakfast and lunch is listed in one menu, with coy description that doesn’t say much. What the heck is “4 Grains”? The friendly waiters would be happy to patiently explain it to every customer.  Or in my case, I spotted some awesome pine mushrooms and asked the waiter what they will be cooking it with.  It turns out that the lovely pine mushroom was cooked with the “Sian’s Rainfed Rice”.

Perhaps the readers can let me know, but I am not too sure why it’s named Sian’s Rainfed Rice $14.  Either way, it turns out to be brown rice cooked risotto style with an onion based soup, atopped with quark, pine mushrooms and cress.  It’s such a simple dish and it feels very healthy.  They don’t mess with the flavours too much, rather, they let the flavours shine through.  Although people who don’t like onions be aware- they do use quite a lot of onions so it will repeat on you the whole afternoon ^^

The lunch was not huge, so I thought I’d try their shortbread $2.5 and latte $3.5.  Their shortbread is housemade too, and it has an unrefined texture to it.  I love it!

A few days later Shoe Queen and I went to have breakfast there.  I had coddled eggs $14 and Shoe Queen had their oats $10.

My two coddled eggs are cooked perfectly, adorned with more pine mushrooms and cress and sitting prettily on top of a slice of homemade bread.  I really love their baked goods, I love that rustic chewy textures and flavours.  Made me feel so healthy 😀

Shoe Queen’s oats are a bit plain.  But I guess it’s special in a way because the yoghurt is housemade, the oats are rolled in-house, the apples are freshly stewed.  I still love my eggs more… heehee 🙂

The verdict?  Yes, the food is  bit expensive for its portion size and what they give you, but people come here not just for the food, they come here because they believe in the concept.  As we walked out of Silo By Joost, a lady was delivering fresh produce in one of their recyclable crates, and I instantly felt healthier and more environmentally conscious having eaten there. 7/10

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