Quickie with Piggy: Hongyun Chinese Restaurant

HongYun Chinese Restaurant
209 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9650 6628

Shoe Queen and I decided to try this restaurant simply because we walked past it a couple of times and we are curious. The Chinese name of this place is really ” HongYun Noodle House”, and since we are both carbs queen, anything that’s noodley sounded super exciting.

There are a number of enticing stuff on the menu as well as hot pots. We decided to try their noodles, Shanghaiese rice cakes and dumplings.

We asked the waiter which is the best noodles in da house and he recommended the spicy beef noodles. It came out with a bowl of plain noodle and a plate of stir fry beef. What the? Are we supposed to pour the beef in? We don’t understand :S The beef was super salty so I guess it was supposed to be dipped into the noodle soup…. who knows? It’s like something I could make at home if I accidentally put too much sauce and corn flour in my stir fry and ran out of rice.

Stir fry Shanghaiese rice cake was next, and if you thought the beef noodles was bad, THIS, was worse. Good god, this is how you turn Westerners off being adventurous. Normally Shanghaiese rice cakes are slightly, just slightly, chewy. For some that are not as yummy, it will just be a bit soft. Either way it should absorb the flavours of whatever ingredients you have stir fried with it, which in this case is pork mince and preserved vegies.

THIS. GODAWFUL. Shanghaiese rice cake. ECK. It’s HARD. It has a texture of rubber. It TASTED like rubber. There were NO flavours of the pork or vegies or god forbid MSG at all. FCK that was disgusting. I think I forced myself to swallow one, then ate the vegies and pork around it. Shoe Queen bravely attempted 4-5 pieces and considered defeat.

The dumplings were nothing to rave home about, but it was definitely the best dish (this is comparatively) of this place.

We saw 3 guys tackling this huge hot pot and to be honest, if the food was passable here, we would come back to have that. Then again when the guys left we had a peek of what they had, and there was a LOT of leftovers. I wonder if that was because of the big portion sizes, or because it just didn’t taste that great either. 3/10

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