Moo Moo

Moo Moo The Wine Bar + Grill At The Port Office
Cnr Edward And Margaret Streets, Brisbane, QLD
07 3236 4500

Formerly Siggi’s at Stamford Plaza, Moo Moo moved in about 2 years ago and have definitely shake things up with all things beefy.  Wagyu, Wagyu and more Wagyu is the buzz word for this restaurant, with a small feature of Black Angus beef as well.

We decided to kick off with some non-beefy entree, gearing up towards a grand finale of Wagyu, Wagyu and more Wagyu.
Oysters were from South Australia,  very plump and creamy but just a touch fishier than I would like it to be $26.

Scallops $24 were a bit overcooked, the zesty salad with lemongrass, bean sprout, coriander and fried shallots definitely rev up our appetites for the food to come.  I wasn’t sure about the sweet nam jim though, perhaps a little palm sugar in the salad dressing would be sufficient.

Potato and leek soup with smoked ocean trout was so gluggy look like a puréed of mash potato rather than soup.  The flavours are ok but certainly not outstanding.

Zucchini flowers with quail eggs, olive oil and truffle vinegar $20.  The zucchini flowers were totally forgettable, the scotched quail egg was great though.

Wagyu beef time!  Cabassi & Rea VIP wagyu- grain fed for 600 days, it’s a pure bred wagyu raised QLD.  I was so glad that we shared it.  It was sooo rich but it was tender and fantastic.

I am not too sure what is with the Asian inspired food in Moo Moo, the buckwheat noodles are wayyyy overcooked and there are too much thick sauce so it’s a bit gluggy.  A light dipping sauce would probably be better and help cuts the fattiness of the meat also.

Beef lasagna was next-  Once again it was quite rich but for $31, I thought that it was a teeny bit small- ffs give us some more layers!

Last but not least, we had Wagyu beef tataki $21.  We all agreed that this is the best dish.  The beef was tender and lightly flavoured in soy sauce.
Overall, Moo Moo is certainly one of the better steakhouse restaurants in Brisbane.  If we were to choose between Moo Moo and Cha Cha Char, Moo Moo would definitely win hands down. 7/10

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