The Mon 一門

The Mon 一門
4/F, The Goldmark, 502 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

We spent the whole morning preparing for Grandma’s birthday, so we reward ourselves by going to The Mon for lunch.  I remembered The Mon being super popular at Saturday dinner and needed to book weeks in advance so I was crossing all my fingers and my toes when I made a booking for 5 on a Saturday lunch.  However the restaurant seemed surprisingly quiet at 12:30pm.

In Hong Kong, there are always lunch specials which are wayyyy cheaper than dinnertime.  I decided to go for the lunch special for HK$120 (AUD $16) plus a serving of Japanese egg rolls with uni (sea urchin) HKD$80 (AUD $10).

Egg with uni- certainly not like the Japanese style I had in Kyoto which has a cleaner flavour.   The one at The Mon tasted a bit oily but nonetheless has a nice custardy texture. It’s quite a rich dish and the uni is fairly fresh, I like it but this ain’t Japanese standard.

My set lunch- chirashizushi was fresh, you certainly can’t taste the thawed flavours you can sometimes detect in sashimi that was defrosted. For HKD $120 ($ 15 AUD) that’s a preddy good deal. I love it how they have uni and raw prawns in this chirashizushi, which rarely features in chirashizushi in Australia.   My only complaint is the uni took on the ginger flavours as they were placed next to each other and it completely overpowers the uni flavours.

My set lunch also includes some sort of marinated beans with chilli and sesame oil, but it tasted more Korean and Japanese. A miso soup and tea/coffee is also included. The coffee is not bad apparently but certainly would not be up to Melbourne standard (but probably better than Starbucks).

I also heard that their onsen egg is fabulous, but sadly we didn’t get to try it and didn’t have time to go back!  Doh!  7/10

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