The Sharing House

The Sharing House
35 Dukes Walk, South Wharf, Melbourne 3006, Australia
03 9245 9800

The Sharing House.  This is an interesting one.  I heard so many great reviews about it via people’s blog and I was so excited about finally having somewhere in South Wharf that’s worth going to.  THEN came THE REVIEWS.  No, not the food blogger reviews.  The CRITICS reviews.  Phrases like “concept without a lot of soul” , “needing divorce from an obsessive sharing philosophy” was all over twitter.  Yikes.  Did the bloggers get it wrong?  Surely food critics would know better… right?

So when Les suggested we go to The Sharing House, I was a bit apprehensive.  Arriving at about 6pm on a Friday night, the restaurant was empty and no one was even drinking at the bar.  Mmmm.  The staff was really friendly, offering me water immediately and efficiently taking my drink order.  After a hard week I REALLY need that drink, which came promptly, thank god.

Surveying The Sharing House, it’s indeed cute- the lego bar, the cute yellow mesh that let us peek into the kitchen, the high ceiling and spacious area meant we don’t have to yell over other diners, it would have been pumpin’ if this was smack bang in the middle of the city.  The staff wear T-Shirts in primary colours, making them look like Lego man, or as I think Les put it “Lego Man with food”.

My friends Les and Ness came not long after and we began the daunting task of choosing food on this extensive menu.  If it’s too much for you, there IS a “feed me” option which is AUD$60, but we decided to choose our own.  Ness and I watched Masterchef All Stars a few days ago and is obsessed about the Beef Wellington, so when we saw Beef Wellington on offer as a sharing mains we decided that this is what we will get.  Once we decided on our mains and dessert, it’s easier to build around it, getting a few small sharing dish to try out.  Our ever friendly waiter, the green lego man even advised that we ordered too much food, and help us work out what we should save for next time.  What I was really sad was that the rabbit popcorn is not on the menu anymore.  We all searched high and low for it and it definitely wasn’t there.  I wonder why that is the case? 😦

We got some hot bread to start with, accompanied by good olive oil.

Our small sharing dishes came not long after.  Starting with the crab toastie ($10 each).  Yes, it is a bit small for $10 but it’s filled with crab meat and the flavours are delicately balanced by horseradish and apple.  The bread has this briochey, buttery goodness.  I was glad that we shared this between 3 though because it’s quite filling.

Our mushroom and butter lettuce salad ($8 for a small) was really yummy.  As Ness put it, it doesn’t have that overpowering earthy mushroomy smell, it was just right and both Ness and Les doesn’t like rocket which always seemed to feature these days, so they were appreciative of the butter lettuce in this salad.  I find the salad slightly too oily but not to a point where it’s unacceptable.

BBQ quail $16 was next.  The BBQ sauce was sensational.  I think I might have licked my fingers.  The chilli peanuts which scattered over the plate tasted fantastic too, but I must say the watermelon is a bit mushy for my liking.  The thing is, watermelon is not in season at the moment, so I was a bit surprised they use this ingredient although it does cut the fattiness of the dish.

A lot of people (as was I) are a little bit confused as too why pizza was featured on the menu…. I guess you can share a pizza and hence why it was offered?  Anyway we ordered a Jamon Pizza $13.  I am not really a big fan of the strong flavours of jamon, but this Jamon was actually quite subtle (sorry Jamon fans, I am not too sure whether that’s a good thing or not!).  I love the base and the flavours of this pizza, and although I don’t understand why it’s on the menu, I would definitely order it again.

The Sharing House has well and truly filled up by now and we saw the table next to us getting this HUGE piece of meat on the bone… it was too rude to take a pic of other people’s food but suffice to say we were impressed and had a bad case of food envy.  It was the “TOMAHAWK” $78.  But then our main, Beef Wellington came and we realised we were not so jealous after all.

Our beef Wellington was accompanied by deep fried artichoke and heirloom carrots $58.  The Beef Wellington was already sliced in even pieces for us and we could see that the steak was beautifully cooked inside.  From what I can see, the beef is wrapped in spinach and mushroom, no crepe and no pate.  I got the end bit with a heapload of pastry and also a middle bit with just the right amount of meat and pastry.  Because I had a heapload of pastry, I can detect a stale taste in the pastry, which was a huge letdown to the otherwise perfect dish.  Ness got the other end of the pastry and she didn’t finish it either.

Dessert time!  I opted for the Tiramisu filled Profiteroles $14.  I jokingly told Les to pour the chocolate all over so I can take some food pornage and it actually turned out pretty good heehee.  😛

I am not too sure how the profiteroles were “tiramisu filled” as all I can taste is a coffee cream/icecream concoction without the soaked ladyfingers etc.  Maybe it’s more a tiramisu inspired profiteroles, with the profiteroles acting as the ladyfingers?  Either way the coffee flavour were strong and yummy, the dark chocolate sauce really complimented the dish.  This dessert was quite big though and I would definitely recommend 2 people to share this.  I think I had 2 profiterole, gave one to Les and there were still leftovers.

Les had the chocolate delice $15.  What got me really excited about this dessert was the popping candy like base.  It made me feel like an excited little girl again.

Ness had the apple pie $17, which came about 5-7 mins after ours.  Not too sure why the dessert didn’t come all at the same time, especially since we told the waitress we won’t be sharing.  Anyway, we did eventually share of course and Ness’ apple pie was sensational.  I love how the chunks of apples retains its texture and that she got three accompaniments icecream, custard and whipped cream to go with her apple tart.

Overall, I think the food critics were too harsh on The Sharing House in my humble opinion.  Yes the pastry on the Beef Wellington is really unacceptable but overall we really did enjoy our dinner.  Poor Les sighed with relief because she was a bit hesitant to recommend this place to me, the food snob foodie, but we all agreed she made a great choice and I would certainly recommend this place.  Would have given them an 8.5 if it wasn’t for the beef wellington… 7.5/10

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