Great Asia Japanese Restaurant 大亞味工房日本料理

Great Asia Japanese Restaurant 大亞味工房日本料理
2/F, Linway Court, 69-71 Stone Nullah Lane , Wan Chai, Hong Kong
(852)2528 1568

My best friend Jap Chick not only looks a bit Japanese but also loves Japanese food, and she kept telling me about this place which wholesale seafood to Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong and also opened a small restaurant in Wan Chai.  Of course that piqued my interest, and I HAD to go.  The typhoon number 3 warning was up in Hong Kong, but there’s no stopping be.  Nothing  gets between me and my food!

Like Melbourne and its laneways shops and restaurants, Hong Kong and their upstairs shops and restaurants are quite common.  As We approached this side street and in front of this commercial building, I secretly wondered if this is the right place.  Everything is quite quiet and dark for Hong Kong.  But the little sign confirmed that this is the right place: just press the doorbell and a quick ride through the elevator and we are here.

It was still early and the restaurant was quite quiet.  Japanese Chick told me that since they moved locations no one seemed to know where they were.  Browsing through their extensive menu we concluded that we both love sashimis and uni (sea urchin)- so that’s what we focussed on.

The waitress also told me that they have some fresh oysters available today.  I have heard a lot about oysters in HK and the reports ain’t that great, but it’s probably because they are the ones available in buffets- and I have NEVER had buffet oysters which are good- Australia, Hk or otherwise.  So I bravely decided to try one.  The flavours was sensational- creamy, briny but not too salty, this oyster was fresh and plump and what all oysters should be.  YUM.

Next up was mixed sashimi.  We told the waitress that we didn’t want ark shell etc but they gave it to us anyway.  Fortunately they happily corrected their mistake when we pointed out, and gave us two more slices of salmon sashimi instead.  However, I must say the two pieces of salmon they exchanged for us are a bit disappointing.  It was slightly icy and I was sad.  Otherwise the whole sashimi platter was fabulous, fresh and completely up to scratch.

The sea urchin was also fabulous, really fresh and it’s also great to see a massive serving.  I likey!

We also ordered a deep fried pork cutlet and egg over rice.  I think Hong Kong people love their half fatty pork but to me, this dish was a bit too rich and fatty for my liking.

Dessert time and we decided to share a yuzu ice cream.  More sorbet than ice cream but what a love was the yuzu rind inside the ice cream.  It was a lovely and refreshing end to our meal. 7.5/10

End Note: As Jap Chick and I part ways, HK issued a Typhoon number 8 warning… look at the crazy rain!

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