A Teary Goodbye to Wheat, Fructose, Beans and Milk

Hi all 🙂

I know Friday is not my usual posting day but I’ve got some news for you all. In the past few months I have been suffering from gas pains amongst other icky stuff so I went to see the doctor. The doctor referred me to a specialist, because apparently I have a celiac gene.

Off to the specialist I go, thinking that he could diagnose me straight away considering I am gonna pay $200 for the consult! But 10 mins later I was out of his office, with his recommendation to do further tests (oh you won’t wanna know what tests that will be! And I don’t wanna think about it >.< Yep, one of THOSE tests!). In addition, he recommend me to follow a low fructose diet.

What the hell is that? You might wonder. Apparently certain fruits that contains high fructose (apple, pear, peaches :'(, watermelon are some) are off limits, anything like juice, dried fruits, jams are off limits, honey (!) is off limits, wheat is off limits, onions, beans and legumes are off limits (as with brussels sprouts and brocoli which I love).

Since I am ALREADY lactose intolerant, that means milk and most cheese are off limits too.  Which really, that means I am on a FODMAP diet.

I’ve been thinking about it the other day the food I will be missing out, and it’s enough to make me cry:-

  • ramen
  • cake
  • udon
  • cha siu bao
  • egg tarts
  • donuts
  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • beef wellington
  • crumbed anything 😦
  • dumplings and XLB

Strangely, I am sad but not extremely devastated.  Maybe because reality haven’t sunked in yet (it’s only been 2 days).  But I dread going to restaurants now and present them with a huge list of shit I can’t eat.   I don’t really even feel like eating because I feel so deprived.  Everytime I eat something gluten free (bread or pasta), my mind would scream “it DOES NOT TASTE THE SAME!”

I don’t know what is happening to my blog. Would people feel bloody bored cos all I will be blogging now is something that’s gonna be wheat-, fructose-, bean-, lactose-free?

One thing I have decided, at least until I have a diagnoses, is that on my overseas trip I will not restrict myself too much, it’s hard already planning a trip but to need to plan my food will be a nightmare.  I will still try to be good though, because I can certainly see the effects it had on me when I eat the food I shouldn’t be eating. 😛

So there you go guys, after the next few blog posts you might see me writing a lot more about place and food that suits my diet and I apologise for that 😦  Hope you will still continue to like my blog posts and if you have any places that supports the FODMAP diet you think I should try in Melbourne (& San Fran, Las Vegas and Hawaii- cos I am heading over there in Oct), please let me know 🙂

PiggyEatalot (who can’t eat much anymore :()

Footnote:  I have established another blog: My Belly Rules to mostly whinge  to talk about my struggles of having such a specialised diet.  Hopefully in time I might sprinkle some of my whinging experiences with some FODMAP/ Wheat Free recipe too 🙂  Check it out here