Piggy’s HK Nom Nom Nom: Arome Yuzu Cheesecake

Feature Photo courtesy of Arome Bakery Website

Arome Bakery 東海堂 – 九龍塘港鐵站
Kiosk KOT1, Kowloon Tong MTR Station, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong (and various locations)
(852) 2338 3965

Everyone takes the MTR (train) to get around in Hong Kong so you will definitely encounter the unavoidable-huge ads…even videos.  One of these ads that totally attracted me this summer was Arome Bakery’s  Yuzu Cheesecake (as per feature image).  I am nutz about yuzu and that ad with its picture of the yuzu cheesecake as huge as me made me want to plunge into its yuzu goodness then and there.  I vowed to find an  Arome bakery, but unlike Maxim’s, it’s not in each and every MTR station.

One day, I was meeting my friend K at Kowloon Tong for hightea, I spotted it- Arome Bakery at Kowloon Tong MTR station! Yes! After high tea, I made a beeline for Arome.  I was hoping to buy a small individual size yuzu cake so we can try a few things from Arome, but unfortunately it comes one size only and cost $168 HKD (AUD$21).  Thankfully we are staying with the in-laws and there were 6 of us (not that it will stop me from buying this cake if it was only two of us!), so I decided to buy this magnificent cake for dessert tonight.

The friendly sales person packed me the cake and gave me a pack of almond biscuits that was wrapped separately- you are supposed to pop that on top to give it a texture contrast.  Its wrapped separately so that it wouldn’t lose it’s crunch the sales person kindly explained.

We opened the cake for dessert that night, and thankfully it was perfect even though I had to take it through the crowded MTR.  I cut the cheesecakes into little squares and pop the biscuit on top.  There is a lot of biscuits for the cake!

Biting into the yuzu cake it was super citrusy and quite light, whilst still retains the texture of a western cheesecake (i.e. not as light and airy as the Japanese cheesecake).  The are quite a lot of yuzu rind throughout so you could really taste the yuzu flavours.  Yum!  We all agreed that the almond biscuits were a bit redundant- it was too rich and it just wasn’t needed for this already perfect cake.  I guess it does make it look prettier.

If I go to Hong Kong I will definitely buy this again if it’s still available! 8/10

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