Brunch with Rockwell and Sons

Rockwell and Sons
288 Smith St, Collingwood,VIC 3066, Australia
03 8415 0700

The Twitterverse is abuzzed with news about a Smith St new comer, Rockwell & Sons, so of course this Piggy needs to give it a try!  So one Sunny-ish Sunday, Hubby and I went to Rockwell and Sons for brunch.

Although Rockwell and Sons has a piggy logo, on their brunch menu they don’t actually have much porky stuff.  They don’t have a lot of choices either, you get 3 sections: 5 items in Eggs & Co, 5 items in Things with Bread and 3 items in Sides. What they have on offer though has already made me change my mind a dozen time before drinks arrived.

Talking about drinks, whilst they are open for brunch they don’t seemed to have a coffee/tea/juice menu… they only gave us a wine list…we tried to order juice but it’s not freshly squeezed.  I guess we are not that precious, if the waiter convince us that it’s good quality orange juice and not Berri juice we would have gotten it, but he made no such offers.  We ordered a Lemon Lime Bitters $4 and Coke Zero $3.  When the LLB came, it tasted really funny… more like a it was made with soda water than Sprite 😦

Anywayz, back to the food.  As I simply cannot choose what I wanted to have, I let hubby choose two dishes he would like to eat.  He ordered scrambled eggs ($17) and Double Patty Smash ($10) with a side of chips ($5).

The scrambled eggs came…they look like plain old scrambled eggs on a brioche toast with 4 pieces of bacon.  Not too sure whether it’s worth $17 considering we are getting a Double Patty Smash for $10.  The whole dish is EXTREMELY buttery.  The already buttery brioche seemed to be fried in butter, then the scrambled is full of butter, cream and cheese…there are some pimento in the scramble but it does little to cut the richness of the dish.  The first bite was good…but when you have to eat half the dish, this richness and fattiness drops into the bottom of my stomach and it just felt heavy.  The bacon was good though, it has a nice smokey flavour to it and it was nicely cooked.

The Double Patty Smash Burger was really good, while Broadsheet said it’s big enough for two, maybe only if you are sharing other dishes.  I can happily eat this one by myself.  All the melty cheesy goodness were just so awesome that we were fighting over the last quarter, with hubby throwing the scrambled eggs back at me claiming that the burger was his.  Enough said.

The chips had an interesting texture that I was not used to, but it’s certainly interesting and the malt vinegar mayo nicely cut the fattiness of the chips.

With a total bill coming to $39, brunch at Rockwell and Sons is certainly value for money.  What I am disappointed with though, is that for one of the most expensive item on the menu, the scrambled egg wasn’t very good at all.  We will probably give them another chance and try them again a few months down the track, but would I recommend Rockwell and Sons to my dear friends if they only have a few days in Melbourne?  Probably not. 6/10

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