Ku-Suya Rakuen- Lan Kwai Fong

樂宴 Ku-Suya Rakuen
Shop E, 4/F, Ho Lee Commercial Building, 38-44 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong
(852) 3102 2255

My friend Tanyamon is now living in Hong Kong, so of course I organised to visit her when I went back to Hong Kong in June.  I gave her a brief on what I like to eat in Hong Kong, which was “something I can’t get in Australia”.  As a lady who like the finer things in life she rise up to the challenge and took me to Ku-Suya Rakuen- Okinawa Cuisine.

Although Okinawa is an island in Japan, its cuisine is very different from what you can have in Japan, purely based on the fact that it has lots of Chinese, Thai and Korean influence.  Now I am not 100% sure what Okinawa cuisine SHOULD taste like, Okinawa has been on my wishlist for a long time but I haven’t visited as yet.  Once I have I will let you know 😉

What I know is that Ku-Suya Rakuen was fantastic.  We started off with some grog- it’s Wednesday night but there’s no stopping those Hongkies!  Our yuzu sake was poured into this vessel that has another hole in it for the ice, so even if the ice melt it wouldn’t dilute the drink… clever!  And this could potentially get very messy as it’s undiluted… BRING IT ON!

We ordered a lot of snack-like food so we could try everything.  First up was the Sea Grapes (HKD$65 AUD$9.5).  At first I thought they are caviar, but sea grapes are actually some form of seaweed… maybe it’s kinda like nature’s vegetarian caviar?  Either way it’s crunchy and salty, great with our drinks.

Next up was the octopus in Wasabi Sauce HKD $50 (AUD $7).  Erm.  Don’t ask me why it looks like snot.  It tasted a bit slimey too but the flavours were nonetheless quite good, the subtle wasabi flavours gently clears your nostrils instead of hitting you with a bang.  The octopus was actually a bit crunchy which contrasted the slimeiness.

I love my chicken wings so I had to order this HKD$72 (AUD$10).  This chicken wing was stuffed with fish roe, although I was excited about it, it wasn’t very memorable.

Oh boy the scallops were good.  REALLY Really fresh.  I always love a slice of lemon/lime wedge between my scallops- it takes scallop sashimi to another dimension.  Yummy!  HKD$150 (AUD$21)

Next came a serve of deep fried pork ribs (HKD$58, AUD$9).  I love the flavour of the pork rib and it was certainly not greasy when I first bite into it, but there are a lot of fattiness on the ribs.  Not to worry, another gulp of the awesome yuzu citrusy sake lifts any fattiness of the dish.

To be very honest, I can’t really remember what the grilled eggplant tasted like HKD$52 (AUD$7)… MMmmm maybe Tanyamon can help 😛

Last but not least, we ordered the Fried Squid Ink Okinawan Noodles HKD$78 (AUD$10).  I always loved Squid Ink noodles, even when it makes my teeth all black sometimes 😛  These noodles are a bit like a  thicker version of linguine, cooked al dente also.  I just wish that there were more on the plate as it tasted so yummy!

We were quite full by that time and couldn’t possibly fit in dessert, so we decided to go for a walk and have dessert elsewhere.  I would definitely come back to Ku-Suya Rakuen if I am ever back in Hong Kong.  I could never find anything like this in Melbourne.  9/10

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