Henry and The Fox

Henry and The Fox
525 Little Collins St, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia
03 9614 3277

Paul Mathis, you are getting inside my head!  I must confess, I was thinking of going to Wallis and Ed.  It was a cold Friday night and we are on that side of town and I didn’t want to travel far.  As I racked my brains to think of a restaurant close to us, Henry and The Fox popped into my head.  I excitedly found a number to call, booked a table, communicated some of my dietary requirements and happily hung up to grab hubby.  “Where is this place again?”  Hubby asked. “525 Little Collins St…” my voice falters… that’s in the OTHER end of town!  Oh crap!  Wrong restaurant!

The guy on the phone was so friendly though so I decided that we should just go anyway.  I almost froze to death walking down Little Collins =_=, thankfully the interior of Henry and Fox was warm and welcoming.  I remind the waiters of my dietary requirements again and off we go (no wheat, no lactose, and I would navigate my way through the other intolerances myself).

The waiter gave hubby his bread plate- 4 huge slices of yummy looking bread and awesome looking butter while he kindly told me my gluten free bread is coming soon.  When I got mine, it looked a bit sad.  One slice of sad gluten free bread.  Hubby laughed at me 😛  I tried to explain that gluten free bread is super exxy and pretty much this is pretty much the right proportion. 😛

I am glad that there was only one piece anyway, this gluten free bread doesn’t taste that great.  It was really dry and crumbly.  I did appreciate the gesture though 😛

Hubby and I ordered the seared scallops $24.5. The seared scallops should come with apple & celeriac remoulade, caper & raisin puree, toasted pumpernickel, but I think the pumpernickel is omitted for my dietary requirements.  I liked the seared scallops.  It’s nicely done and slightly rare in the middle, just the way I like it.  It was slightly greasy though but the apple and celeriac remoulade helped cut the fattiness.

Next we shared the roasted moreton bay bug tails $24.5.  The bug tails were perfectly cooked and I can taste the sweetness of the fresh bug tails.  Yummy.  The accompanying vegetables, spiced cauliflower was less impressive.  Maybe it’s supposed to be all blackened like Rumi, but it just tasted salty and burnt more than anything.  Also noted that the cauliflower puree is omitted, perhaps due to lactose in the puree?  I don’t think the bug itself needed the puree but now I am beginning to think whether the cauliflower pieces needed the puree to balance it out.

For people who wanted pizza but have gluten issues, Henry and Fox offers gluten free pizzas bases for $5 extra.  But I don’t feel like pizzas, I felt like pasta but they sadly don’t have gluten free pasta 😛

Not to worry, I ordered their pork belly instead $30.5.  What a beautiful dish!  Three cubes of pork belly sitting prettily on the plate and have the awesome right combination of crispy skin, thin layer of fat, and tender meat.  I definite thumbs up for me.  The dish was dotted with fennel, dill and orange to cut the fattiness of the pork belly.  What I wasn’t sure is whether 3 pieces of pork belly, which means it’s $10 for each cube of pork belly, was worth it.

Hubby ordered poached chicken breast $29 and just as I thought he was being super healthy, he ordered 2 serves of jamon and manchego croquettes =_= ($4 each).  His chicken breast was nice and tender, but I felt there was a lack of flavour.  Hubby liked it though.

I naughtly tried a tiny bit of his croquettes.  I just can’t help it.  I haven’t been officially diagnosed with celiac yet… I can eat it until I am officially diagnosed.  Naughty Piggy.  Anywayz, the flavours are awesome.  I sadly looked at the rest of hubby’s croquettes, wishing I could eat it.  Hubby must have sensed my puppy-dog eyes on his croquettes as he offered me another little bite, but I regained self control and said no 😦

We also ordered steamed broccolini with roasted crushed almonds $10.  Somehow, there was always a dish that just wasn’t up to scratch.  At The Sharing House it was the Beef Wellington and the dodgey tasting pastry; at Akachochin it was the tuna sashimi; now at Henry and The Fox it was the broccolini.  Well I guess at least it was a side dish this time.  First of all, let’s clarify this dish is half eaten first.  They didn’t give me half a dish! 😛  By the end of the meal I sometimes forgot to take pics 😛  Now back on my review: the broccolini is more like a cross between a broccolini and a broccoli!  The stalk was so thick and old instead of young shoots we normally get.  The saddest thing was that some of the roasted crushed almonds tasted a bit off.  Urrrghhh.  I am annoyed.

We debated whether we should stay for dessert here.  We decided to give dessert a chance and stayed.  Hubby ordered the deconstructed passionfruit cheesecake and I searched for the dessert menu to find something I can eat.  Two waiters checked for me and confirmed that none of those are lactose and wheat free.  I almost just gave up and order a soy hot choc when a waiter came back and said the chef would make something up for me. 😀

I am dying to try Hubby’s deconstructed cheesecake $14.  He said that it was OK, he doesn’t care for the deconstructed stuff (why is everything deconstructed these days?).  As far as I can tell from other bloggers the cheesecake was nice in Henry and The Fox, but Hubby only gave it a 5/10.

My pretty dessert arrived- I decided to call mine Strawberry Fields and Coconut Trees 😛 $14.  Ok, here’s the thing.  I didn’t tell them I have fructose issue 😛  All my fault.  But supposedly strawberries in moderation is fine.  Unfortunately with macerated strawberries, strawberry sorbet AND a strawberry soup it’s a different matter.  My current FODMAP go-to person Chomp Chomp advised me next time I should bring some glucose tablets to balance my fructose out in this situation.  Thanks Chomp Chomp 🙂

Heehee anywayz that was all my fault for not telling them cos they would probably be able to make me up something else.  Either way I LOVE this dessert.  Picky hubby said his was better (but he gave his a 5!  It’s bloody hard to please that man!), but I loved it.  Not only does it have strawberries, it has this awesome coconut crumble which was yummily toasted.  This would have been a dessert I would order even if I wasn’t on gluten and lactose intolerant!

Overall, Henry and The Fox has some pretty good dishes, a crappy side dish and a smashing dessert.  I give it a 7/10.

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