Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle Shop 上海香港麵家

Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle Shop 上海香港麵家
29 Jardines Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
(852) 2576-1343

Sometimes in life, you just have to man up and get over it.  Such times occurred in this trip when you visit the oldies.  My hubby’s Great Aunt kept asking me when I am having children and going “I told you not to use contraception!  You have to immediately see a doctor and see if you are infertile!” =_=  I almost retort “Why don’t you ask YOUR grand-nephew whether HE is infertile!” LOL

Anyway, so my day have already started badly, and I had to bloody do some admin running around before having lunch.  Sadness.
I was in the Causeway Bay area and remembered that I love going down Jardine Bazaar which has a crazy array of food choices.  For those who love fish balls, the family highly recommended Man Fai 文輝墨魚丸大王.  But I love Shanghaiese food and at 3pm, I just wanted a light snack, so I decided to go for a small Shanghaiese joint called Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle Shop.

I ordered the sweet soy milk (~HKD$12 AUD$2) and Shanghai meat and vegies wonton ($HKD33 AUD$5).   The soy bean drink was OK, but I wished I bought the non-sweetened version.

The wonton came and whilst the wrapping is amazingly silky smooth, there are too much fatty meat inside, more fatty meat than veggies.  I am not too sure why people don’t use equal amounts of vegies and meat, like the ones in Kyoto.  Overall, it was an OK meal. 5/10

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