Aka Siro

Aka Siro
106 Cambridge St, Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia
(No phone Number)

When we visited Mina-No-Ie we spotted this small door with the Japanese Noren (doorway curtain) across the street.  At first we thought that it was a gift shop, but on closer inspection we found that it’s another Japanese cafe.  This little cafe seemed to be owned by Japanese and there were a lot of Japanese people inside.  We vowed that we must try it!

Once we were seated I felt like we have been transported to Japan, the simple decor and the rice paper sliding doors reminded me so much of Osaka.  Well, until you look outside that is, and see Victoria number plates and wheelie bins… heehee

I have read reviews about it that said they are not very camera friendly, so I didn’t bring my big SLR with me in case they yell.  We looked at the menu and erm… I decided to give myself a day off and have whatever I felt like 😛  It’s just that reading the menu, I don’t think I can avoid soy sauce and other wheat stuff.

There are soooo much yummy stuff to choose from and they all looked so healthy and delicious.  I decided to go for the Takoyaki (Octopus balls) $8 to share with hubby and San Sai Teishoku for myself $16.  I just realised when you need a low FODMAP diet, you really shouldn’t order something adventurous like San Sai Teishoku because with the description of “3 different types of dishes on a plate” really doesn’t say much.  But, I have given myself a day off, and this is what I am ordering.

San Sai Teishoku turned out to be 4 elements on the dish plus a small bowl of rice and soup- (clockwise from bottom) Japanese style omlette, slightly sweet in flavour, with multiple “layers”.  Miso eggplant which is slightly sweet also.  The eggplant was tender and moreish, with several stalks of Japanese greens on the side.  The greens has a slight metallic flavour and it’s certainly an acquired taste.  A heap of natto (?) beans which I forced hubby to eat because I am scared of the adverse effect of beans.  Sweet potatoes marinated with soy and mirin (I think) on the right, very yummy and goes well with the rice.  While I was eating this I can’t help but think maybe that’s why Japanese people don’t get fat… their portion size are TINY.

Hubby had the Navy Curry $8.  He was sadden to find that there is no meat.  Well, the description actually doesn’t say meat I suppose… maybe Japanese people in the Navy don’t get meat?  I don’t know.  But his dish does look pretty sad.  Not only does it not have meat, it looked as if there is only 2 pieces of carrots and a huge blob of rice floating in a sea of sauce.  I tried a bit and conceded that the sauce is fabulous.  It would have been awesome if there is an option to pay more and get meat.

Our takoyaki came about 10 mins after our main meals.  The waitress told us that it takes slightly longer as it’s freshly made, which I don’t mind.  When it did came I love every bit of it.  Although they were a bit stingey on the octopus side, the flavour of the octopus balls are sensational.  After our meal, I asked if I could take a photo of the octopus ball pan and they happily obliged.  See?  They aren’t that bad with people taking pics!  Phew!

Overall I love the food at Aka Siro, the quality and flavour are fantastic.  That being said I felt that the size does not justify the price we have to pay for our meals.  7/10

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