Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant

Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant全記海鮮菜館
87-89 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung
(852) 2792 6938

On the last day of our Hong Kong trip, Esky suggested going to Sai Kung for food as well as apartment/ house hunting (unfortunately it’s house hunting for him, not for me).  I have heard lots about seafood in Sai Kung and instantly agreed.

I wasn’t too sure why he stopped in front of a European restaurant at first… perhaps because I mentioned I want eggs…. but I wanted CHINESE style eggs!  Thankfully I steered him to the right direction, right into Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant… LOL.  It was seafood galore there, with a heapload of different types of seafood in tanks, some curiously in bottles…

It looked like torture- but apparently these mantis prawns have soft shells, and therefore need protecting.  Anyway, we felt that we should put them out of their misery and selected one.  We also selected the hard shelled type, and turned into this wonderful deep fried dish below

As you can see that this is going to be an epic seafood feast.  ab.

As you can see that this is going to be an epic seafood feast.  Between the three of us, we also got some yummy roe crab…look at all the crab roes!  It’s obviously not as yummy as the Shanghai Hairy crab but still really yummy.  It was steamed in egg white- so I certainly got my eggy fix too!

These big clam shells were steamed and cooked with vermicelli and garlic, but it wasn’t as tasty as Sheung Kee.

We also ordered some sea urchin sashimi.  Apparently there is a sea urchin farm in Sai Kung, but to be honest the sea urchin is waaayyyyy less yummy than the Japanese ones.

You might wonder, what the hell is with the yum cha photos?  Other than yummilicious seafood, we also got yum cha stuff.  Their yum cha was OK and their creamy custard buns are better than the famous ones at Farmhouse Restaurant.

We also ordered drunken pigeon.  I love the deep fried version more, but this is still really delicious.

Overall, perhaps it’s a touristy area, I found Chuen Kee Seafood not as yummy as other seafood restaurants in Hong Kong.  But if you wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and have seafood freshly cooked for you, Sai Kung is certainly an ideal place to visit. 7/10

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