Quickie with Piggy: Sparrow’s Nest

Sparrow’s Nest
95 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000
03 8637 2177

Sparrow’s Nest does the one of the best soy hot chocolates in Melbourne.  I have frequented this hidden gem on Queen St for years and their hot chocolate never fails to 1) satisfy me 2) cheer me up 3) keep me going for the rest of the afternoon till home time 4) all of the above.
 I remembered being really sad when the people I used to work for moved offices to Docklands.  It did help cure my Sparrow’s Nest addiction a little bit but at least once a month I would sneak out at tram it back to Queen St for some delectable hot chocolate.
I could rave on and on about them I reckon if you let me.  I visited them on this occasion for breakfast.  Sparrow’s Nest mostly offer breakfast sandwiches, toasts and croissants, however there are also options such as muesli and yoghurt  for the health conscious.  Being in the industry where at times there are not much to do, I could sit down and have a leisurely meal.  I opted for their yummy B.EL.T sandwich (I know it’s a bit big for breakfast but a girl can indulge, can’t she?).
What I love about Sparrow’s Nest is that their sandwich always looked and tasted freshly made, with crisp pieces of lettuce and nice, non-soggy pieces of tomatoes in between.  They also stock my favorite Presha Fruit Juice which is an added bonus.
As I head up the counter to pay for the lovely meals, I spotted some homemade strawberry tarts!  The beautiful crust is made of chocolate- what a perfect combo! OMG I am sold!  I bought one for myself and one for my friend to indulge in the afternoon. Nom nom nom 8/10

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