Epilogue: Still dreaming about Hong Kong

Being away from Hong Kong for almost 4 years made me homesick. Even though I had to go back with extended family, which meant less partying this time, I still had so much fun catching up with friends and eating around Hong Kong. Thanks to Jap Chick, Esky, K, Pig Mug, Tanyamon and so many others who brought me to all these yummy food places, and tried a few things I haven’t had before.

Day One (well night, really)
Family friends took us to some place for dinner, and out of politeness and hunger I didn’t manage to take any photos.  But after dinner, Esky took us to Sheung Kee Delicacy, to experience some authentic Dai Pai Dong (market eats).  Sheung Kee specialises in awesome seafood- do not miss out!

Penis looking birthday bun

Frog’s uterus

Day Two
We went to Causeway Bay for lunch and treat ourselves to some cheap but very fresh Japanese lunch set at The Mon.  For my afternoon snack I couldn’t help but chomp down my first HK Style Egg Waffle, at New Era opposite Times Square, Causeway Bay.  We went nuts shopping at Times Square, and spruce up that night to attend Hubby’s Grandma’s 90th Birthday Party at Maxim’s Palace City Hall.

I didn’t manage to blog there given the number of hungry family members diving into the food and it would be rude to tell them to stop, but we did eat some preddy interesting stuff like frogs uterus and penis looking Birthday Buns.  There are also the usual suspects like roasted piglet, abalones and shark fin. LOL  I guess Maxims haven’t banned shark fin yet.

Day 3

We went to Shatin to visit K and her gorgeous family as well as Pigmug and her cute daughter.  Must admit it was very tiring simply watching the 2 families chase after their kids!  There is a new found appreciation to mothers when two kids are hanging off her arms when she is trying to eat!

We went to Sakurada Shatin for a Japanese buffet.  Buffet in Hong Kong is always so much better than Australia’s!  You can also order cooked food which comes in small plates, which basically means you can try everything 🙂

Still in Shatin, we visited PigMug and her daughter.  They bought us a yumilicous chocolate cake for our afternoon tea and not long after they took us to Shatin 18 to have Peking duck!  Absolute food coma!!!

Day 4

I managed to avoid it for so long this trip, but it’s inevitable that I will have to answer one question: “When will you be having children?”  Sigh.  On day 4 after a yummy breakfast at our neighbourhood congee joint, we head over to Tsuen Wan to visit Hubby’s grand-aunty.  She kept asking me when I am having children and going “I told you not to use contraception!  You have to immediately see a doctor and see if you are still fertile!” =_=  I almost retort “Why don’t you ask YOUR grand-nephew whether HE is still fertile!” LOL

Grrrr.  Afterwards we still had to go to the wet markets to buy fish to boil soup for her… humph!  That being said that was an interesting experience, the fish, vegetable and fruit look super fresh in the markets.  I wish I live here.

Because of all the stuffing around I didn’t get to eat lunch until 3pm.  I had a light lunch of Shanghaiese dumplings at the aptly named Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle Shop in preparation for our dinner tonight!

We met up with Esky that night to have some traditional Cantonese cuisine- stuffed chicken wings, beef tendons, wintermelon soup at Farmhouse restaurant.

Day 5

Gosh! I just realised how many times I saw Esky this trip- he obviously have nothing better to do because he took me to the famous Tim Ho Wan (IFC) and even waited for seats while I leisurely made my way there.  We had their famous *must eat* char siu bao BBQ pork buns, beef balls, turnip pudding and other nommy yum cha stuff.

Then I met up with my long lost best friend JapChick to visit JL and her very sweet daughter.  Then it’s off to eat yummy Japanese food at Sushi Kuu which Jason BonVivant previously freaked me out saying that they offer cod fish sperm sac!  Thankfully we did not order that, however, we did have a few sperm sacs who thought that we are perving at them and started preening when we were only percving at the hot chef behind them! XD

Day 6

I woke up early in the morning, to get to the original Tim Ho Wan store today.  I thought the early bird would get a seat, arriving 20 mins before open time but unfortunately there are earlier birds already in line for a yum cha feast.  I ordered cha siu bao and rice rolls again, but also tried their garlic aramanth dumpling and brown sugar sponge cake.  Nom Nom Nom.

After stuffing myself with yum cha, I went to do what every good Asian daughter need to do when they go back home- visit their relative’s graves.  That done, I did a dance class with Jap Chick to burn off all the yummilicous food I ate in Tim Ho Wan.  Then it’s off to more eating, this time with Tanyamon.  She is a fantastic foodie, taking me to this eat a unique Okinawa cuisine at Ku-Suya Rakuen, where we tried stuff like sea grapes, yuzu sake and wasabi octopus.

Day 7

Another day in Hong Kong, means another day stuffing myself with the best food possible before going back to Melbourne.  Tsui Wah is one of the more famous cha chaan teng (a cafe that offers cheap Asian-Western style fast food) so of course I need to check it out.  We had their famous crispy bun with lashings of butter and a bowl of noodle soup.

As we decided to stay home for dinner, I bought an awesome yuzu cheesecake for dessert from Arome Bakery.

Day 8

As my Hong Kong journey is drawing to a close, I started chomping more earnestly like it’s the end of the world.  I started from Wellington St Central, visiting Dumpling Yuan for their awesome dumplings, then it’s straight to Tsim Sha Tsui to try their Hong Kong style Egg waffles.

The typhoon is coming, but this is like amazing race.  We can’t just stop now!  A mad dash across the harbour on my favourite star ferry then it’s off to Great Asia for another fabulous Japanese feast.

Nothing, not even typhoon number 3 can stop us from chomping yummy sea urchin, sashimi and more yuzu- this time a yuzu icecream.

Day 9

Our very last day in Hong Kong and we had Typhoon number 8 overnight.  Apparently it was piss weak anywayz so we head off to Sai Kung cos Esky wanted to rent houses there.  We got to Sai Kung by lunch, and Esky started looking at a menu outside a Western restaurant. I was not too sure why he thought having Western food in Hong Kong, on our last day, was a good idea.  Maybe cos I said I wanted eggs.  But what I mean is Asian eggs!  LOL.  Anyway, I steered him to the right path and forced him to go to Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant.  We get to pick our own seafood and choose how it’s cooked, we also had yum cha there AND other dishes.  It was epic!

Oh and I finally got eggs too- crab with steamed eggs.  Oh yeah!

This concludes my wonderful journey in Hong Kong.  Thank you all my wonderful friends for your hospitality… I miss you guys so much.